Mr. Big Stuff: Transiting Jupiter's Impact On Scorpio

Jupiter has moved into Taurus today. What does this mean for Taurus's opposite sign, Scorpio?  If your Sun (or any planet or angle) is in Scorpio you will feel this Jupiter transit just as strongly as the Taurus folks out there.  But is an opposition to Jupiter bad?  Technically, an opposition is a hard angle.

Jupiter is such a beneficent planet that's it's difficult to find many negatives. However, there are a few cautions. This opposition will magnify the characteristics of Scorpio.  Jupiter increases whatever it touches and oppositions can swing someone to the far reaches of their potential.

Let's say your Sun is in Scorpio.  When transiting Jupiter opposes your Sun you'll probably feel really good. Powerful. Able to do almost anything you want. Whee! But that sounds kind of over the top, doesn't it?

Exactly. Jupiter expands your ego (Sun) and sense of possibility. You'll believe that you can do much more and you'll have that pumped up confidence at your disposal.  But Scorpio is such a powerful, magnetic sign to begin with that it doesn't take much for that power to become manipulation.  With an opposition to Jupiter you must be careful that you use your considerable powers wisely.  Don't let your horizons expand so much that you lose sight of what's in front of you.

If your Ascendent (AC) is in Scorpio you'll have Jupiter moving through your 7th House of partnerships (DC). Expansion here can mean an exciting new partner or improvements in your existing relationship. It can also mean a desire to look elsewhere.  I've seen this influence trigger the end of relationships (but only if they were in trouble to begin with).  Jupiter always urges you to seek something better.  It also stimulates the drive for freedom so keep that in mind if Scorpio possessiveness kicks in.  This is not the time to tighten your grip on your partner.

If you have a planet or angle (AC, IC, DC, MC) between 0 and 3 degrees Scorpio you'll be experiencing the full force of Jupiter's transit now.  Jupiter will turn retrograde on August 30th which means it will be sticking with the early degrees until January 2012.  It will move through Taurus until June 2012 so the middle and late degrees will be hit next year.