Saturn Goes Direct in Libra

By special request....

Responsibilities and boundaries (Saturn) in relationships (Libra) are being tested while Saturn is retrograde. Anytime a planet is retrograde there's an emphasis on going back to re-do or concentrate. It's hard work, and doubly so when the planet that symbolizes judgement and discipline is involved.

Relationships have stalled or been reconsidered. Some worked hard to give their side of the discussion air time. Others thought things over and decided it was time to make a commitment (or move on). Past relationship issues were dealt with. Boundaries were readjusted and balance was restored.

Saturn goes direct in Libra on June 12th. It will be time to take the new status for a test drive. As Saturn moves forward, expect to see results from the past few months (even if you felt like you were spinning your wheels).  Saturn is all about accountability so what you receive will be in direct proportion to the effort you put in. Decisions that were not finalized will be made in the next few weeks. More then any other transit, this one highlights your responsibilities.

There will be one last retrograde from February to June 2012, then Saturn will move forward and out of Libra in October 2012.