The Flirt, The Romantic And The Finger Of God

Venus enters flirtatious Gemini on June 9th, trining the Moon in Libra (partnerships) and squaring Neptune in Pisces (dreams). I mentioned in an earlier post that both Libra and Gemini involve choices and this will become very evident.

It will be a romantic day, no doubt about it. The Moon in Libra needs a partnership dance and Venus in Gemini will be more than willing to oblige. Venus is ultra charming and easily distracted in the sign of duality so don't expect focus or commitment. Add in that square to Neptune and you've got a fantasy lover/scenario.

People may have to choose between two partners or two paths (truth or lies).   And to make things even more interesting, the Moon will be on the tip of a configuration called The Finger of God (Yod).  This isn't as pretentious as it sounds. The Moon will form an inconjunct (150 degree angle) to Neptune and Jupiter (both of which sextile each other). A Yod can bring about fated events. The tension of the two inconjuncts is released through the Moon (the focal planet).

So we have relationship choices (Venus in Gemini) blurred by fantasy (Neptune in Pisces).  Fantasy and an expanded need for personal security (Jupiter in Taurus) will sit very tensely with the need for partnerships (Moon in Libra). People will want more than their share with the illusion of multiple options. The key is the Moon in Libra: balance and objective awareness of what's really going on.