Free And Clear Until Tonight

Air signs should be able to make some serious progress today.  Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Libra and the Moon in Aquarius are all hooked together. They are forming a Grand Air Trine, the celestial gold star of ease and opportunity.

Decisive, logical choices and communication (Mars in Gemini) support relationship responsibilities (Saturn in Libra) which support stepping back emotionally (Moon in Aquarius). If you give yourself and others space, the best choice will naturally flow into view (Mars in Gemini).

This is a wonderful feed back loop of cool, positive energy. Everyone can take advantage but the Air signs (or those with an abundance of Air in their charts) will have the easiest time.

One caveat: try to work with the energy before this evening. The Grand Trine will still be there but the Moon will be challenged by Mercury in Leo (ego based communication) and  Venus in Cancer (needy affection). All that free flowing emotional detachment will get bogged down with demands for attention.