Going After What Scares You: The North and South Nodes

I've noticed the following with many people: one part of their life is doing really well while the other part is languishing. I'm talking about the person whose career is on fire but they are single and lonely. Or the person with a rich, full personal life who is stuck in a dead-end job or unemployed.

Maybe "having it all" is a myth. Do you need to sacrifice one part of your life at the expense of the other? I think it's easier for most people to focus on the area that they are comfortable with.

Astrologically, this is called the Nodal Axis. Or the North Node and South Node. These are mathematical points in your chart that indicate where you are coming from (South Node) and where you are going to (North Node). They are always opposite each other. Depending on what you believe in, the South Node can indicate past life experiences and the North Node can indicate what you are meant to do in this life. Even if you don't buy into past life/karma, the area of your chart where the South Node is located is what you are familiar with.  The North Node is miles outside of most people's comfort zone.

People are good at South Node stuff. For example, if your South Node is in your 2nd House (security) in Virgo, you'll be fantastic at working like a demon to save money while worrying about it. The opposite point, 8th House (shared resources) in Pisces, is where your North Node will be. Opening up and sharing with others will be scary. So will letting go of mundane concepts of security. But guess what? The North Node is what you're drawn to and where you can find true happiness.

Don't believe me? Think about what you're really good at (whether it's healthy or not). Then think about whatever is opposite to that. Have you toyed with the opposite? Approached it? Been drawn to it but always backed off at the last minute? Bet you think about it all the time.

Or maybe you're one of the few who have courageously embraced your North Node by stepping far outside of your comfort zone. Frightening? Sure. Satisfying? Absolutely.