Horoscopes for July 10th to July 17th


The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on July 15th. This will signal a culmination of events that started around the eclipse in Cancer on July 1st. Wants, needs and emotions will be translated into reality as people are shown what's possible and what's wishful thinking. It could be a rude awakening for some but everyone will have chance to build (or re-build) a solid structure for the future.


The Full Moon in your career sector signals culminations involving a job change, project or discussion with higher ups. What was rooted in the past, in family discussions or developments at home, will conclude in public. This could mean a re-adjustment of the balance between family and career or a new career direction that supports your family's needs.


The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities illuminates new horizons. An idea that started around the beginning of this month could now blossom into something real. Issues could include the comfort of what's familiar vs. the unknown. Greater responsibilities can feel intimidating and you'll discover if you're up to the task or if there's more work to be done.


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources urges you to open up. What began as an impulse to establish greater security for yourself is now culminating in an opportunity to share. Emotional intimacy or financial assistance are the rewards if you let go of your fears. Others will only have as much control as you allow them.


The Full Moon draws your attention to a relationship issue. Recent changes and realizations about your personal needs have led you to this point. Don't be afraid to push through to the conclusion. Issues include boundaries, nurturing and acting out parental roles.


The Full Moon in your sector of day to day activities will pull you out of your shell. Inner work and private developments have been translated into visible/physical changes. You may have reached a goal regarding health or work routines or realized that a change is needed. There is still much to be done so keep pushing.


The Full Moon gives you new opportunities to shine. A desire to fit in, belong or be needed has developed into a realization of what you are capable of. If you haven't done so already, it's time to separate those who recognize your worth from those who don't. As you move forward in pursuit of your goals, support will be freely given by those who matter.


The Full Moon brings home changes that began in your career and public sector. New goals or ambitions will impact home or family matters. What you want to pursue vs. grounding responsibilities will be an issue. Developments will be private as you strive to keep them out of the public eye.


The Full Moon grounds hope and dreams in reality. A distant opportunity or desire for more can still manifest but now you'll see what is truly possible. Accept what you have to work with and start planning. New options will still look tempting but the key is to make a choice and stick with it.


The Full Moon signals a culmination regarding security needs. An attempt to share/let down your boundaries had a significant emotional impact. Whether the impact was positive or negative, the fact remains that you need to focus on yourself now. Look at the reality of your situation and how you can become stronger.


The Full Moon in your sign signals the consequences of recent partnership changes. New developments or emotional revelations have brought you to a turning point. As you plot your next move, remember that you have the power to do things differently this time around.


The Full Moon stirs up secrets, doubts or fears. Realizations triggered by recent health or work issues are simmering behind the scenes. Loneliness, isolation or doing things for yourself are all themes that should be examined. You'll know whether you need to re-build or keep working on the foundation that already exists.


The Full Moon signals realizations about friends and groups. You've been doing things your way lately and now you'll find out who's on board and who's not. You may feel isolated but know that this is a reaction to a temporary adjustment period.