Horoscopes For July 24th To July 31st


July 28th will present an important energy shift as Venus moves into Leo and Mercury moves into Virgo. Venus in Leo increases romance, drama, creativity and expectations. People will want more and will be willing to give more. Mercury in Virgo faces a confusing opposition from Neptune in Pisces until the first week of August. Facts will be iffy and honesty will be questionable as people project their dreams and fears.


Venus brings you a gift basket filled with charisma, creativity and self esteem. Lighthearted romance, parties, performances and artistic projects are all favoured.  Mercury increases the tempo in work or health situations but make sure you scrutinize all documents, prescriptions and meetings. Details will be easy to miss or, in some cases, willfully hidden.


Venus (your ruler) moves into your home and family sector. Family relations improve, decorating projects bloom or you may move in with your partner. You'll feel like nesting rather than going out so allow that warm, abundant energy to grow. Mercury keeps things moving in your sector of creativity and celebrations. Make sure you know exactly what is being said rather than getting swept up in romantic words. On the plus side, this can be a fruitful time if want to write fiction, poetry or music.


Venus adds sparkle to your words and optimism to your thoughts. What you communicate will be well received as you'll know exactly what spin to put on things. You can create some pleasing scenarios but you'll find it difficult to be totally honest. Mercury (your ruler) will be subjective and escapist under Neptune's influence. Strive to be crystal clear and say what you mean, especially when dealing with family or real estate matters.


Venus brings good things your way regarding finances and emotional security. By focusing on your needs you can reap some serious benefits. A raise (which you'll need to ask for), a creative income stream or increased respect from others are all available.  The key is letting people know what you want.  Fortunately, Mercury urges you to make your thoughts known so speaking up shouldn't be a problem. Just watch for a tendency to nitpick and worry. Perspective will be tenuous and vague developments "out there" could drive you to distraction. Focus on your immediate environment for now.


Venus turns up the heat in your sign, giving you high-octane glamour and appeal. It's time for romance and the realization of desired outcomes. You can do so much with this energy as it indicates recognition of how special you are and how much you can give to others. Mercury spurs you forward regarding plans and discussions for financial security. Before you sign anything, read the fine print twice as Neptune's influence can indicate confusion or deception.


Venus stirs up intriguing developments in your sector of hidden things. An off the map relationship or secret project could begin. Romance and creativity will be high, but so will dreams and fantasies. Mercury (your ruler) moves into your sign but is challenged by Neptune, leading to wishful thinking and escapism. You deserve a lot, but keep your hopes in check and wait a few weeks before making any declarations.


Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of friends and groups. Your social life speeds up and a romantic encounter is possible. You can take centre stage if you choose, but now is also the time to check the quality of people you are associating with. Mercury moves into your sector of secrets and communications could be misleading. Pay attention to dreams and intuition as logic will be in short supply.


Venus in your career sector hi-lights cooperation and aligning yourself with the right people. Your star is rising and you can almost do no wrong.  Now is the ideal time to make a presentation or get yourself noticed in general. Mercury in your sector of friends and groups keeps you socializing but Neptune's influence causes you to question what others are saying. All is not as it appears to be but reserve judgement until this influence is over.


Venus beckons you forward with new opportunities. Possibilities could include an exciting romance or journey that opens new doors. It's time to push your boundaries. Mercury in your career sector emphasizes discussions and paperwork.  Neptune's influence can contribute distracting energy related to family and past events. Focus on future career development and refuse to be dragged down by old addictions or family patterns.


The benefits of opening up have never been greater as Venus enters your sector of shared resources. Joint finances or emotional intimacy can be a gold mine if you drop your boundaries just a bit. There is someone out there who wants to help and thinks that you're fantastic. Mercury brings messages from afar and/or stirs up new philosophies and ideas. These are all valid but be aware that the filters you have in place will make it difficult to discern what your response should be. Wait a few days and a clear answer should form.


Opportunities for romance are plentiful as Venus enters your partnership zone. You have the Sun and Venus in this sector so if nothing else you should be receiving extra attention. Existing relationships will benefit with renewed passion and courting. If you're not receptive to romance, use this wonderful energy to recognize how much you have to offer. Mercury introduces documents and discussions involving joint finances, debts, loans or settlements. Triple check all details as doubts about your security needs will temporarily confuse the issue.


Venus enters your sector of day to day activities and things will get a little smoother. Work or health issues should unfold in your favour as you find the path of least resistance through your day.  Mercury in your partnership sector stimulates relationship discussions but you may be unsure of how to proceed next. Make sure you are being scrupulously honest and are not avoiding an issue, even if you're trying to protect someone else's feelings.