Mercury Into Virgo And Retrograde Into Leo

Get ready to question and re-consider your plans over the next month.

Mercury has moved into Virgo today and is opposing Neptune in Pisces. Both planets are strong in the signs that they rule and this intensifies the opposition. Logic (Virgo) versus confusion (Pisces), reality versus fantasy and worrying versus transcendence. It can go either way, depending on how your chart is set up.  Some people will get super creative and put their dreams and ideals (Neptune) into writing (Mercury). Others will get lost in a fog as illusions (Neptune) dissolve any capacity they have for rational thought (Mercury).

As I'm typing this, Mercury has the edge. It is part of a solid Grand Earth Trine that includes Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. There is plenty of Earth energy to ground people and help them work through the confusion.

But there's more to this story.

From August 2nd to August 26th Mercury will go retrograde. Its energy will be turned inwards and most things under its rule (communications, decisions, electronics, computers) will not function smoothly. On August 8th it will reverse into Leo and remain there until it moves forward into Virgo on September 10th.

What can you expect from Mercury retrograde in Leo? The return of key people from your past, revisions of creative projects, questions about your creative ideas, purpose or sense of self.  Mercury retrograde is never comfortable but it really doesn't sit well in the exhibitionist sign of Leo. Energy will be directed towards self (Leo) analysis (Mercury). The King will have to deal with questions instead of blind worship.

The point of this transit is to ensure that all the shine from Venus and the Sun in Leo is more then just bling. Is that exciting romance, dazzling project or inspiring new direction worth pursuing? You'll find out by the time this Mercury retrograde ends.