The Bonfire Queen: Venus In Leo

Venus moves into Leo from July 28th to August 21st. She is bright and bold in this sign, a superstar bonfire.

Venus in Cancer (the sign she'll be leaving) is subjective but shadowy. Once she moves into Leo she'll see no point in hiding the fact that it's all about her. Still subjective but in the spotlight now and there's room for only one star on stage. She deserves the best and will not settle for one smidgen less.

This will not be a low key time. People will expect more.  Jupiter in Taurus (the sign ruled by Venus) will fan this fire with a pushy square. Abundance (Jupiter in Taurus) will fuel the desire to show off (Venus in Leo). Romance will be exciting with a materialistic edge.

It will be easy to become preoccupied with status as the square pushes people to go after something (or someone) better. A more constructive use of this energy would be to make solid (Taurus) improvements to your self. This will lead to a quality (Leo) relationship (Venus).