Today's Influences

The Moon is getting hit left and right by tense aspects today. What does this mean for you?

Emotional caution is being challenged by bold statements now as the Moon in Taurus squares Mercury in Leo. You may want to wait and see what happens but others will be prodding you for a reaction. This is a brief influence as the Moon goes Void of Course this morning.

A Void of Course Moon is a good time to take a break. The Moon's energy does not touch other planets and events are put on hold. If you try to start something during a VOC Moon it will probably fall through.

The VOC ends this afternoon as the Moon heads into Gemini where it will square Neptune in Pisces. Emotional choices will be clouded by Neptune's influence. Should you pick A or B? Can you even concentrate long enough to choose?

Fortunately, the Moon will slide away from Neptune to join the Leo Sun in a supportive sextile. Personal power (Sun in Leo) will support the communication of feelings (Moon in Gemini). Someone may step in to provide guidance and direction.

But you can also expect external authority (Pluto in Capricorn) to challenge the Sun and Moon as these three planets form a Yod.  People's creative ideas will not sit well with the powers that be. However, as with all tense aspects, there's potential for real accomplishment here. Try to combine ego (Sun) with emotions (Moon) and adjust your creative vision to agree with what management/authority/society wants. It's not the time to be a rebel.