A Question of Belief: Neptune's Retrograde into Aquarius

Do you know anyone who is truly spiritual? Devoutly religious? I'm talking about someone who feels the presence of a higher power in their daily life and conducts themselves accordingly.

Since Neptune (spirituality) retrograded into Aquarius (society) on August 4th, I thought it was a good time to re-examine spiritual belief.

This article posits the theory that the evolution of the human brain led to spirituality. The emotional components, such as faith and awe, developed as part of the essential social structure/hierarchy. In other words, it's easier to get along with each other if you suspend your disbelief and acknowledge authority.

So back to my initial questions. I'm not personally acquainted with anyone who follows a higher power. Most people that I know (including me) believe there is "something" out there. But do they truly believe or is it just social conditioning? To be truly agnostic.....to believe that we cannot know if God (or any higher power) exists.....is a difficult stance to maintain because of it's barrenness. We all need to believe in something.

Pisces (and it's ruler, Neptune) is the place in your chart that represents spirituality and transcendence of the physical. It's the energy that urges you to accept, without proof, that there is something beyond what you touch, taste and feel. The planets in this sign (along with the position of Neptune in your chart and the aspects to it) describe how you deal with/accept/reject spirituality.

Note that I am not talking about organized religion as this is represented by Sagittarius (and it's ruler, Jupiter). Obviously, the two concepts cannot be totally separated (Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces). But to avoid confusion it's best to think of Sagittarius as the mundane expression of Piscean spirituality.  The fact that these two signs form a challenging aspect (square) with each other pretty much sums up the conflict between religion and spirituality.

Neptune's return to the sign of rebellion and alienation is a chance to question what else is out there and how you feel about that. Once it returns to Pisces in February, 2012 it will remain until 2025. It should be interesting to see how our collective spirituality evolves then.