Cardinal Cross: Out With A Bang On Mars Square Saturn

Moody Mars in Cancer is currently closing in on a square with Saturn in Libra. You'll be feeling this now but it will reach peak intensity on the morning of August 25th. The square will be exact and the Moon will join Mars where it will trigger events.

As the transiting Moon travels through the signs it often acts as the spark which sets fire to certain aspects. Think of her as a traveler who nudges (or slaps) people as she passes through.

This particular transit will hi light some familiar themes from the Cardinal Cross. The drive (Mars) to express wants and needs (Cancer) will be met with resistance from other people's boundaries/conventional rules. You'll want to have things your own way but this won't fly. Balance and compromise will be essential, even if this means taking "No" for an answer.

The upside? This is the last bit of the Cardinal Cross. You've made it through the worst and this aspect is just an aftershock. Think of what you've learned and apply it here.