Horoscopes for August 7th to August 14th


The Mercury retrograde period has started (August 2nd to August 26th). On August 8th it will back into Leo and oppose Neptune in Aquarius, re-visiting key creative/romantic moments and individuals. People will take another look at possibilities but will have to guard against slipping into old patterns/addictions/mind-sets. The Sun and Venus will form an exact conjunction in Leo from August 13th to 18th. These brilliant few days will give everyone a chance to realize their heart's desire.


Mercury re-ignites a brilliant project, cherished goal or sparkling romance. What role are you playing? Are you being true to yourself? There is dual potential for creativity and delusion as your ideals are stimulated by Neptune's retrograde. Venus and the Sun will boost your appeal but this is about much more then charm . You're on the verge of creating something very special so use this energy to ensure that you haven't missed a trick.


Mercury returns to your home and family sector and you find old routines/addictions/family dynamics tempting.  Venus (your ruler) and the Sun unite to emphasize what you really want/desire/ and this doesn't include the same old habits. You have changed and your future goals have shifted. Focus on creating an authentic foundation and weed out everything that doesn't support this.


Mercury (your ruler) returns to your communication sector and you re-consider a special plan or idea. It could be wildly creative or the impossible dream.  Communications from others can be equally misleading. Are they just telling you what you want to hear? It's up to you to sort through the confusion.  Know that Venus and the Sun will ignite your ability to focus on what works best for you.


Mercury re-ignites issues involving financial and emotional security. Old fears, doubts and confusion about who and what is safe will surface. Venus and the Sun indicate that there is bounty available but you need to get clear on how to make it work for you. You do have Mars in your sign, giving you the energy to push through. Know that this Mercury/Neptune opposition can also help you dissolve mistrust and insecurity.


Venus and the Sun (your ruler) will give you some high octane appeal. You'll be attracting a lot of attention but is it all the right kind? Mercury's return to your sign urges you to pause and re-evaluate. Partnership issues/insecurities will return as you question what you really want or if the other person is being upfront with you. Allow things to unfold and stay aligned with your core values.


Mercury (your ruler) retreats into your sector of hidden things.  Work, health and daily routines can become vague and frustrating.The only thing you have control over is your reactions so try to adopt a wait and see attitude. Venus and the Sun can indicate a positive turning point in background issues. Once again, allow things to unfold. There is a danger of missing out on enjoyable moments and significant developments so don't distract yourself with fruitless worries.


Mercury returns to your sector of friends and groups, signalling the re-appearance of key people. Socializing should be busy and enjoyable, especially with Venus (your ruler) and the Sun adding their energy to the mix. This can be a dreamy, romantic time but you can also backslide into old ways of relating. You've recently become clear on who you are and what you stand for. Focus on the people who have true value and who support your personal goals.


Mercury returns to your career sector as you take another look at creative opportunities or receive assistance from a key person. It's your chance to shine but you may find yourself distracted by unfinished business at home. Try not to let old habits/addictions or past family strife cloud your focus. The Sun and Venus promise that higher-ups will recognize what you have to offer.


Mercury retrograde reintroduces exciting options involving travel, education or significant contacts from the past. The return of an old dream or ideal can open up new possibilities as long as you don't slide back into self-delusion. It's time to let go and see what the rest of the world has to offer. Venus and the Sun unite to show you that love can be part of your future, as long as you put yourself first. Don't be afraid to explore.


Boundaries and security issues are your top priority as Mercury returns to your sector of shared resources. Someone else's financial control needs a second look as you feel your own security base shifting. Doubts about having enough may crop up as you question what you really want. Venus and the Sun present a desired goal; how are you going to achieve it?


Mercury returns to your partnership sector, signalling the return of an old flame or someone you overlooked the first time around. It may feel like the same old confusing mess as you let someone step over your boundaries and then regret it.  Venus and the Sun suggest that the other person has more to offer then you think, including illumination on what/who you really want.


Mercury's return to your sector of day to day activities can enliven your routine. You'll welcome the new focus as Neptune temporarily retreats from your sign. The only danger here is allowing hidden fears/doubts/misinformation to clog up your routine. Venus and the Sun give you optimism and the magic touch to deal with work/health matters.