Lightweights Need Not Apply

It's time to get serious about love.

The trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo will be exact today (7:12 PM EDT). We have depth (Pluto) in relationships (Venus) against a background of service (Virgo) and maturity (Capricorn). That sounds dry, doesn't it?

Those who are easily bored or put off by commitment will find the current atmosphere stifling. But if you're ready to get serious, these aspects can be kind of exciting. Pluto's involved and this means full-on intimacy.

This is about how far and how much you're willing to commit to one person. There's self sacrifice involved (Virgo) because it's not just about you anymore. Note that self sacrifice does not mean giving up your personal boundaries. But in any committed relationship you are going to have to give something up.

And in case you get all Neptune and throw yourself into the fire of sacred love, remember that Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is still in Libra (ruled by Venus).  This is about real relationships, not romantic fantasies.

Balancing (Libra) your needs against another's is work. Are you in?