This Weekend: Double Chocolate Moon

A self-indulgent weekend approaches with the Moon transiting through sensual, laid back Taurus. Today's enabling trine to Pluto in Capricorn suggests a manifestation of earthly goods through power, authority and structure. Focus your energy through the proper channels and you should get what you need.

Saturday's conjunction to Jupiter (the Santa Claus planet) in Taurus says abundance and pleasure are not only available but super-sweet. If relaxation does not appeal (or isn't possible) than you can certainly expand (Jupiter) your financial or physical security by working. Jupiter in Taurus rewards those who push their potential for gain.

But there's always a tipping point and it happens this Sunday. From early morning to 8:53 PM EDT the Moon will form a demanding square with the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Leo. What you need will be challenged or blown out of proportion by what you think you're entitled to. Best advice? Stop just before you think you've had enough.

You'll feel this weekend's influences most strongly if you have planets or angles around 8-12 degrees Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius.