Today's Influences: Cautious Decisions

It's definitely Monday.

Today is all about choices, communication, messages and analysis. Both of the signs that Mercury rules are occupied by planets so this energy will expressed from all angles.

Venus in Virgo will be tripped up by a particularly challenging aspect (inconjunct) to Uranus in Aries. People will suddenly (Uranus) become aware of inconsistencies or flaws in their financial plans or relationships (Venus). Virgo is the sign of perfection and the flip side of this is finding mistakes everywhere you look. Uranus has a way of revealing everything in the harshest light.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Gemini speaks to emotional decisions, indecision, and communication of the whole process. You've uncovered (Uranus) these mistakes (Virgo) in your partnership/finances (Venus). Now what? Late afternoon and evening should provide a solution as the Moon forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn in Libra (ruled by Venus). A balanced (Libra), objective decision that takes both parties into consideration will be your best bet.  Conservative is the way to go when Saturn is involved. This is not the time to think outside the box or make a rash choice that you'll regret later.

And let's not forget that the star of this show (Mercury) is still retrograde in Leo. Conventional wisdom will tell you to avoid making any major decisions during Mercury retrograde. Sadly, the real world does not allow you to put your life on hold until the planets are ready to cooperate.  Just keep in mind that there will be delays and mix ups for now. Forward movement and missing information will be activated once Mercury goes direct on August 26th.

You'll feel today's influences most strongly if you have planets or angles at 0-2 degrees Virgo or 0-13 degrees Gemini.