Horoscopes for September 11th to September 18th


There's an audible shift this week as Venus and Mars change signs. Venus enters Libra, the sign that she rules, on September 14th. Relationships are hi lighted and then challenged as she tangles with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto's direct motion on September 16th will stir up confrontations involving power and boundaries. Mars enters Leo on September 18th, firing passion, ambition and the urge to be number one.


Venus moves into your relationship sector, opening up possibilities for significant partnerships. Existing relationships will focus on balance and sharing. If you are single, new encounters could be the first step towards something serious. Either way, Pluto's direct motion will push you to consider where (or if) a relationship fits into your future goals. Mars (your ruler) fuels your charm, confidence and desire to play. You'll attract the right kind of attention, and lots of it.


Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of day to day activities, shifting your focus to work, health and what needs to be done. This is an excellent time to re-organize, re-balance and settle into a routine that empowers you. Pluto's direct motion will force a confrontation between your current activities and long term vision. Adjustments will need to be made as you align yourself with distant horizons. Mars can make home life hectic as changes switch into high gear and you find yourself pushing for more. You're on the right track, just make sure you don't bulldoze others with your demands.


Enticing possibilities emerge as Venus moves into your sector of creativity and celebrations. Desired goals involving romance, financial speculation or creative projects can materialize but can just as quickly be yanked away. Pluto's direct motion will decide if what you want is a keeper. Know that a loss can be beneficial as you'll be making room for something that fits. Mars energizes your communications sector, bringing you exciting/unexpected contacts, contracts and messages. Keep your eyes open for what others have to offer you.


Venus enters your sector of home and family, putting the focus on living arrangements and family agreements. Pluto's direct motion will bring discussions with a partner to a head as you work out the financial balance and who is responsible for what around the home. Home based businesses can cross a threshold now as you decide to push forward or change paths. Mars fires up your sector of security, boosting your ambition and need to pull in resources. Money can flow in quickly with career contacts but it can leave just as quickly as the urge to treat yourself will be strong.


Venus enters your sector of communications, introducing surprising and promising new contacts. The unexpected can be beneficial , even as it challenges the routine you have set for yourself. Pluto's direct motion will push you to decide if you're going to take the next step or continue on your present course. Mars moves into your sign, giving you energy, initiative and ambition. You can go far with this influence and expand your future possibilities beyond what you hoped for, but only if you're willing to take that risk.


Venus enters your security sector as you find yourself attracting financial/emotional opportunities. Much is changing regarding your shared situation so keep this in mind as you navigate new waters. Pluto's direct motion can tip the balance on speculative investments (romantic or material) so approach with caution. You'll be taking the next step on the new journey that re-defines how you deal with risk. Mars enters your sector of secrets, getting things simmering in the background. You may find that your energy is directed inwards as you work on expanding hidden possibilities and potentials. There's much more here than you realize.


Venus (your ruler) enters your sign and things move full speed ahead. This could be the spark that lights an unexpected relationship fire or pushes you towards a bold new decision. Pluto's direct motion advances changes at home as you decide what stays, what goes and that you're finally ready to leave past entanglements behind. Mars fires up enticing new romantic possibilities through friends, groups or acquaintances. Don't look back as you liberate yourself from old ideas of how you fit in with others.


Behind the scenes developments are intriguing as Venus moves into your sector of secrets. Something or someone you've overlooked will come to your attention once Pluto goes direct. This revelation will take you by surprise as your expectations are exceeded or blown away. Mars powers up your career ambitions as you impress everyone with your innovation and energy.  Watch for leadership opportunities and increased public exposure to come your way.


New romantic/social opportunities can be exciting but anxiety provoking. Pluto's direct motion will bring up challenges between social roles and personal security. As your resources are being steadily pared down, consider how this impacts your relations with others. Mars fires up your urge for travel, exploration and escape. Yes, you can do it/go there. You can actually go as far as you want if you allow yourself to consider that brilliant but crazy idea.


Venus moves into your career sector and your public image shines. You'll get favours from those in authority and lucrative opportunities could come your way. This sounds fantastic so why are you apprehensive? You don't need to be because the power is in your hands. Pluto's direct motion will put you on a collision course with opportunity.  Mars stirs up issues with shared resources as you experience a breakthrough/surprise related to home and family.


Unexpected developments can fire up expectations and anxiety as Venus moves into your sector of opportunities.  Do you dare throw yourself into the game one more time? Pluto's direct motion will stir up control/boundary issues that you'll need to confront. Mars fires up your relationship sector with passionate encounters and significant introductions. Romance is liberating and unexpected but will also involve a clash of wills.


Venus enters your sector of shared resources, hi lighting financial and emotional intimacy. Power struggles with others could feed into your security fears as they try to push past your boundaries. Stay strong. Mars increases the pace of your daily routine but you are more than equal to the task as energy and inspiration keep you going. This is an excellent time to kick off a new exercise/self improvement regime.