Horoscopes for September 25th to October 2nd


The New Moon in Libra on September 27th signals a fresh chapter in relationships and finances. The build up of planets (the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn) in Libra have laid the background for this story. The focus will be on re-balancing boundaries, commitments and trust. Influences from Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will push people and there will be no room for hesitation. The Venus/Saturn conjunction on September 29th will make the next step crystal clear as people see the immediate consequences of their actions.


The build up of planets in your relationship sector have been pushing you to make a decision. Now the New Moon signals a tipping point. Consider where (or if) a certain relationship fits with your ambitions and new life direction. Saturn's union with Venus will bring home the consequences of your decision. Whether this means an ending or deepening commitment, the results will not be a surprise.


The New Moon signals a fresh start for health and work routines. The scales have been weighing heavily in favour of work/service to others but now you have an opportunity to shift the balance. Events that come out of left field or yearnings that you weren't aware of (until now) could be the catalyst. When Venus (your ruler) joins Saturn it will be time to put your foot down, finalize the agreement or take the next step. Health concerns could catch up with you here so be prepared to buckle down and rectify things.


The New Moon could set off an unexpected windfall (financial or emotional). Allow yourself to be inspired and don't let long standing fears or resentments throw you off track. This one is about your goals. When Venus and Saturn unite you should see a solid payoff based on the steps you have taken so far. If you've been doing the work you'll get the rewards. If you've been playing, you'll get a clear message that you can achieve much more if you dig in.


The New Moon signals a fresh chapter for a home business or living situation. Inspirational career opportunities and/or undeniable relationship changes will push you towards the next step. Do not hold back. Now is the time to show that you're serious and you've got what it takes. Venus and Saturn can signal a solid financial or emotional commitment. It will definitely be more responsibility but it's also what you've been asking for.


The New Moon introduces an exciting new message, contact, realization or conversation. Be prepared to have your horizons blown wide open as you become aware of some serious new potential. Venus and Saturn will prove what you were hoping/suspecting and allow you to lay it on the line. A personal or business declaration will carry considerable weight so choose your words carefully.


The New Moon sets you on a fresh path regarding emotional and/or financial security. Revelations about getting what you need can hit you now so do not hesitate to act on them. As Venus and Saturn unite you could see solid opportunities for investment, commitment and growth of your existing resources. Alternatively, if you have been denying certain responsibilities (such as emotional boundaries or financial savings) the results could hit you now.


You've probably felt energy building over the past few weeks as the planets have lined up in your sign. That sense of impending potential will pop on the New Moon. The catalyst could be a discovery regarding a partner/family member or the sense that you've had enough of a particular situation. Either way it will be time to act. Venus (your ruler) and Saturn will prove that the actions you took to look after yourself were correct as a situation comes to a close.


So much is happening behind the scenes as the New Moon fires up your sector of hidden things. Intuition, dreams and fated occurrences are all featured now so just roll with what life has to offer. The union of Venus and Saturn can bring structure to a formless situation or closure to an unacknowledged development. You'll feel some relief knowing that a permanent line has been drawn.


Watch what happens as the New Moon ignites your sector of friends and groups. Unexpected support and beneficial meetings that come out of no where are featured. People are on your side so do not hesitate to ask for help. Venus and Saturn will show you who can really be counted on and will bring solid returns on help that you offered in the past.


The New Moon places your ambitions front and centre. Job opportunities, changes on the career path and chances for greater public exposure are all featured. Do not allow the dramas or demands of others to interfere with your goals now. Venus and Saturn (your ruler) will insist that it's time to make a decision or commitment about your future.


You may feel discouraged right now but the New Moon has a gift for you. Watch for a surprise opportunity to offer you hope and open up a new path. Romance, travel or even a new life direction are all possibilities if you give them room to grow.  Venus and Saturn will give you clear directions on what's possible and where to go next.


The New Moon opens up your sector of intimacy as you make a decision regarding a financial or emotional partnership. Restlessness concerning what you want to share and who you want to share it with will be at the root of this decision. You're no longer content to settle for old ideas of security. Venus and Saturn can mark the end of a relationship, the start of a commitment or financial contract.