Iron Fist In The Velvet Glove: Venus's Transit Through Libra

Venus enters Libra on September 14th. She rules this sign which means Libran qualities will be magnified. Give and take, social graces, idealism, flirting and partnerships will be themes. So will co-dependency, shallowness, passive aggressiveness and projection.

Venus is refined to within an inch of her life in this sign. The discrimination that she learned in Virgo is polished and put on display. She can be shallow if she gets lost in her reflection but Venus in Libra is really about judgement, synthesis and balance. The focus on getting things just so means this is not the most sensual position for her.

People pleasing is an art for this sign and Venus in Libra is constantly weighing the reactions of others. Her highest goal is to be impartial which can lead to maddening indecision as she attempts to incorporate everyone's viewpoints. Some people mistake this trait for weakness but Libra is on the same axis as the warrior sign Aries. Libra is cardinal and Venus can look after herself very nicely here. The opposite of Aries is anger disguised as civility and most people don't see it coming after they try to take advantage of her.

It'll be a tough haul for Venus because she'll be hit with an opposition to Uranus in Aries and a square to Pluto in Capricorn from September 14th -18th. Relationships will be rocked by the unexpected (Uranus) and squeezed by power struggles (Pluto). This will be the time to deal with issues of co-dependency, projection and indecision. Best to confront them head on (Uranus in Aries) because avoidance will lead to loss (Pluto). There could  be a loss no matter what you do but it will be less painful if you take the initiative (Aries) and start doing the work (Capricorn) on your own.

September 28th -29th will be a reckoning as Venus unites with Saturn in Libra. This means reality checks and the inescapable proof of what is available to you in relationships. Saturn rules Capricorn so there will be a direct connection to events involving Venus square Pluto (mentioned above).

On a happier note, Venus conjunct Saturn in Libra can mean committed relationships. If you are in a secure partnership this could signify an engagement or marriage. Look at your chart to see where this conjunction will fall. If it hits your 7th House, natal Venus, ruler of your 7th house or Sun/Moon midpoint you could be in luck.

Just remember that Saturn deals with Karma.  What you've put into your relationships will come back to you now, for better or worse.  Venus in Libra always balances actions with consequences.