Pluto Goes Direct In Capricorn

Pluto will be going direct on September 16th and this will impact certain Capricorn people. Specifically, if you have planets or angles at 0-8 degrees Capricorn you have been hit with major transformations since January, 2008. Pluto has reversed (retrograded) several times since then which has allowed you to absorb, re-consider and cement those changes before moving to the next level.

What kind of changes? Transformation (Pluto) of structure (Capricorn). Real world changes. If you have Capricorn in your 7th House your relationships will be impacted. Capricorn in your 11th House means your social circle, group affiliations and ability to manifest your wishes will change. If your Sun is in Capricorn your ego, identity or an authoritative male figure in your life will be transformed.

Every time Pluto retrogrades you may feel the urge to backslide. Pluto always involves a total ending that facilitates transformation so you may find yourself hanging onto who or what is leaving. If you've been doing this, you should know that when Pluto goes direct you will be forced to let go. Forced is a strong word, I know. But we're talking about Pluto here, the planet that represents evolution. And Pluto in Capricorn means it won't be enough to  change on the inside. There will be external manifestations of the new you. Dramatic weight loss. Change in social status. Family members coming or going.

Pluto will make it to 9 degrees Capricorn and then it will retrograde again in April, 2012. For the rest of next year it will hover between 7 and 9 degrees so if you know your chart you have a very specific picture of what areas of your life will be hit. If you have planets or angles at 0-5 degrees Capricorn, congratulations. The upheaval is over and you can concentrate on living your new life.