Pluto's Transit Through Capricorn: Part Two

I wrote about Pluto's transit through Capricorn here.

I have to say the responses this post generated were greater than anticipated. The volume of comments and emails proves that this is one heavy duty transit.

I'd like to address some of your concerns as a follow up to that post.

Will this transit ever end?

Yes. It feels like it won't but it will. Pluto transits seem to last forever because they go so deep. Time slows to a crawl and the pain/fear/apprehension feels endless. The thing to remember when you can't see the end of the tunnel is that this will end. A transit is not a lifetime event. You can even speed things up by confronting the change head on (Pluto loves this).

How Do I Cope?

You're aware of the big change that you need to make. It's not quick or easy and there are probably long periods where you're just enduring while the wheels grind. But there are ways to hang on to your sanity. Pluto in Capricorn lets you do concrete (Capricorn) things to cope so make some physical changes in your environment. The shadow side of Pluto is stagnation and you want to avoid this at all costs. Get out of bed, tackle a physical job that you've been dreading (especially if you've been dreading it), take some practical steps towards a goal. Do whatever you can do to gain some power (Pluto) over your physical environment (Capricorn).

Will I Survive This?

You will. Pluto is about death but it's the death of the old order. Pluto in Capricorn is the decay (Pluto) of structures (Capricorn) and you can't have rotting structures sitting around. It's times like this when you need to be aware of Pluto's ability to resurrect. It reduces things to ashes so there can be a re-birth. Think about the relationship/attitude/lifestyle/identity of yours that's being transformed then imagine the strongest, most authentic version. That's where Pluto wants you to be.