Full Moon In Aries: Choose Yes

There will be an edgy Full Moon on October 11th at 18 degrees Aries. All that impulsive, do or die energy will run smack into the socially proper Sun/Saturn conjunction in Libra. The situation that comes to an unexpected boil? Expect roadblocks preventing you from diving in and dealing with it. The move that you'll just have to make? There will be reasons why it's improper/rude/selfish/embarrassing.

But there's good news. The Moon will be moving out of a Grand Fire Trine involving Mars in Leo and the North Node in Sagittarius. So earlier in the day (around 2 PM EDT) that intensifying emotional situation will have the support of confident initiative (Mars in Leo) and a hook into an expansive, optimistic future (North Node in Sagittarius).

You'll see reasons why your situation can work out. You may even feel inspired, hopeful and confident. Hang onto that when you run into obstacles. You will have to deal with social consequences so make sure you balance your actions with awareness. But don't give up; you can come out ahead with this Full Moon.

You'll feel this strongly if you have planets or angles from 17-19 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.