Horoscopes for October 23rd to October 30th


The New Moon in Scorpio happens on October 26th, signalling a fresh chapter in what's deeper, more meaningful and more involved.  Others will not be settling and neither should you. Go after what resonates and discard the rest. On the same day, Venus in Scorpio will form a tense square with Mars in Leo. You'll be challenged in your pursuit of what has value and that's how you'll know you're on the right path.


The New Moon opens a fresh chapter involving shared emotions or finances. There is the dual potential to start a prosperous new relationship phase/financial deal or to over-invest your resources. Be optimistic but proceed cautiously. As Venus is challenged by Mars (your ruler), you may push a situation too quickly as you pursue what you want. Disengage from power struggles and don't succumb to your fears of loosing control.


The New Moon in your partnership sector introduces a promising new start. A commitment, decision or resolution will be in front of you and you'll have the energy to dive in. As Venus (your ruler) is challenged by Mars, you'll find these relationship decisions clash with home or family. Don't allow this energy to throw you off track; the key is to not compromise on your values.


The New Moon in your sector of day to day activities urges you to focus on work and health. While you'll feel like you're giving more than your share you'll be amassing resources/strength for the future. Venus clashes with Mars, giving rise to arguments, power struggles and co-worker conflicts. You'll be tempted to steamroll forward as you make your point but don't let this distract you from the details.


The New Moon helps you manifest creative and/or personal goals. What you're creating/longing for can now come into being. Watch for support from your social circle or the public in general as they confirm your drive for self-actualization. Venus is challenged by Mars in your security sector, indicating a conflict between finances and creativity or security and the desire to grow. Consider what has more value to you now; personal resources or your sense of purpose.


The New Moon introduces a fresh phase involving home and family. Once a decision or commitment is solidified you'll find that your opportunities for the future are wide open. Relocating, having a partner move in with you or re-defining your past relationships are a few possibilities. Venus is challenged by Mars in your sign, signalling that new developments may conflict with your ego/initiative/desires. Consider how fighting for what you want will impact those closest to you.


The New Moon brings solid opportunities involving communications or publishing. Your words will have power so reach out, send that email or submit that manuscript. More is available than you think. At the same time, doing some extra digging and not taking things at face value will bring rewards. Venus is challenged by Mars in your sector of secrets, suggesting that behind the scenes activities could prove troublesome. You'll need to differentiate between legitimate misgivings and fear of the unknown/failure.


The New Moon ushers in a fresh chapter regarding financial and emotional security. As your awareness of your true needs deepens, you'll have a chance to draw more resources to you. Be prepared for a breakthrough regarding intimacy or financial assistance as what you are capable of sharing (or accepting) increases dramatically. Venus (your ruler) is challenged by Mars in your social sector as what you want does not mix with the energy of the group. Focus on what has value for you.


The New Moon in your sign is a powerful invitation to move forward. Relationship developments may trigger your optimism but it's up to you to decide how the next chapter plays out. Allow increased trust, joy, and hope for the future to propel you along. Venus in your sign is challenged by Mars in your career sector as professional ambitions  throw up a stumbling block to personal gains. You already know what you want but see if the tension can be resolved without a destructive power struggle.


The New Moon introduces potent realizations and behind the scenes breakthroughs. You can move forward with the assurance that you're heading in the right direction. The pluses outweigh the minuses here so allow an opportunity in your daily life to guide you through any confusion or doubt. Venus is challenged by Mars in your sector of long distance travel and education as your hidden desires are tested by new opportunities. Consider the reality of what you want and if it's worth the hassle.


The New Moon in your sector of friends and groups changes your social landscape. Your personal ambitions and breakthroughs will power you through as associations begin, end or shift. Venus is challenged by Mars in your sector of shared resources as the drive for control triggers fears or anxieties. Pay attention to what's beneath the surface but don't allow your own misgivings to de-rail promising new developments.


The New Moon in your career sector points you in a new professional direction. Decisions or commitments regarding your next step will arise from your desire for something more authentic or the need to expand your home base. Now more than ever it's about what you really want to do. Venus clashes with Mars in your partnership sector as you to deal with the attention-getting tactics of a suitor/lover who feels neglected.


The New Moon opens up powerful opportunities and unexplored horizons. The sky's the limit now as you feel your sense of possibility expand. Venus is confronted by Mars in your sector of work and health, signalling the interference of mundane matters in your quest for freedom. Responsibilities should be attended to but don't let them drain all the energy out of your forward momentum.