Horoscopes for October 9th to 16th


A challenging Full Moon in Aries is featured on October 11th. Culminations, endings and the desire to push forward will be sudden but they will run up against the structured Sun/Saturn conjunction in Libra. Rules and restrictions will feel overwhelming but emotional initiative will have to be honored. Mercury will advance into Scorpio on October 13th. Much will be available to those who are not afraid to look behind the curtain.


The Full Moon in your sign can bring a "you versus them" situation to a head. Whether this involves a personal or professional issue, know that the other side means business. Mercury enters you sector of shared resources and asks you to look deeper. It is essential that you dig beneath the surface when it comes to joint financial or emotional issues. Ask questions but be ready to talk about what you have to offer.


The Full Moon stirs up hidden doubts and you may feel like retreating in the face of heavy responsibilities. Consider this a call to action and step up your exercise/health regime. Gifting yourself with a good-for-you routine can be especially potent now. Mercury moves into your relationship sector as partnership discussions go deeper. Much is at stake so do not hesitate to discuss touchy issues such as jealousy, paranoia and the need to control.


The Full Moon pits your goals/independence/plans against the needs of the group. Watch for friends or acquaintances to react strongly to your desire to step out. Stay strong and continue along the path that you know is most authentic. Mercury (your ruler) urges you to investigate issues involving work or health routines. Do your research, ask questions and don't settle for pat answers when it comes to medical issues or your work environment.


The Full Moon (your ruler) can split your loyalties. Career issues gain emotional momentum that conflict with home/family responsibilities. Take the initiative and jump at a new opportunity but remember that you are trying to build a structured base to support your ambitions. Mercury helps you focus on and articulate a desired goal. It's time to communicate and let your desires/creative work see the light of day.


The Full Moon brings exciting/unexpected opportunities that promise a lot. Take full advantage but don't allow your set opinions or stubbornness to snuff things out before they start. Mercury gets you thinking about personal/family goals. Where do you want your home life to go? Considering/investigating past events can give you valuable information to act on.


The Full Moon triggers emotional endings or mergers. You may feel particularly vulnerable as deep seated anxieties involving security and boundaries are stirred up. Your current feeling of "lack" (emotional or financial) will be a sore point so go easy on yourself and allow events to play out. Mercury (your ruler) pushes you to look deeper regarding the motivations/actions of others. Your intellect and instincts are powerful now.


The Full Moon delivers a relationship conclusion, high point or resolution. You've seen this coming but it may happen faster than expected. Stay on your toes and use your new formed boundaries/will power to state your case. Mercury gets you thinking about what you really deserve and how you can manifest this. It's time to state your needs, keeping in mind that quality over quantity is what you're after.


The Full Moon shows you the way forward as sudden developments help you blow past hidden limitations. Watch for a clues in your daily health and/or work routines as these areas will be revitalized. Mercury moves into your sign, giving you focus and perspective on what you want to do next. Take your time as you consider the options; the ball is in your hands.


The Full Moon pushes you to take a romantic or creative leap. You know what you want so don't let outside rules or limitations dictate your actions. Mercury moves into your sector of secrets as you consider hidden developments. There is so much happening below the surface. Your best course of action is to keep it to yourself (for now) and allow events to reveal themselves when the time is right.


The Full Moon marks a significant change regarding home, family, goals or lifestyle. Career developments may be pulling you one way but the emotional tide will influence your personal environment. Don't allow the demands of family or past associations to overwhelm you. Mercury urges you to carefully consider all social contacts and developments.  Focus on what you know is right for you and do not engage in power struggles.


The Full Moon can push you towards a decision or realization. Emotional messages or conversations can signal a turning point as you seek to finalize long term goals. Allow yourself to reach for that dream; opportunities are not as restricted as you once believed.  Mercury asks you to consider your next career move. It's all about strategy now and the power is in your hands.  Carefully timed conversations and meetings can change the entire game.


The Full Moon triggers sudden developments involving emotional or financial security. It will be obvious who or what is the best investment for you as you negotiate boundaries and contracts.  Mercury introduces new and significant ideas, messages or individuals. This is a fantastic time to empower yourself with knowledge as you explore new destinations, philosophies or opportunities.