Influences for October 4th: Playing Hardball By The Rules

It's feeling a bit conventional out there at the moment. The Moon is in structured, take charge Capricorn, squaring Saturn in Libra today and Venus in Libra tonight/early tomorrow.

Wants and needs are defined (Capricorn) but will run up against social convention (Saturn in Libra). Saturn rules Capricorn so it may feel like your unstoppable force meets their immovable object.  Those same defined needs will stomp all over Venus in Libra's attempts to make everyone happy.

So balance, boundaries, focus. Know what you want and have an action plan (Moon in Capricorn) but be prepared t0 accommodate the rules of others (Saturn in Libra). People pleasers (Venus in Libra) will have a tough go of it. On the other hand (there's always an other hand with Libra), steamrolling your emotional agenda forward will have unpleasant consequences.

We're dealing with Libra and Saturn which means social accountability. Play hardball, but play it by the rules.