New Moon Cheat Sheet: Working With The New Moon In Scorpio

There's a deep, dark New Moon coming up.

At 3 degrees Scorpio, it will happen on October 26th. Scorpio is all about hidden urges, power and mind-blowing intimacy. This will be juiced up by the I-want-it-all opposition to indulgent Jupiter in Taurus.

There's huge potential to manifest new beginnings involving sex, money, stubborn fears and psychological garbage that you've been trying to break away from. Jupiter will push people to expect and ask for more. Great if you're trying to commence a hot new relationship, get a grip on your finances or confront your shadow. Not so great if you are at all prone to overdoing it.

Here's your New Moon cheat sheet:


  • Work on your intimacy fears with someone you trust.
  • Overhaul your relationship to money. Make it so you are in control (not vice versa) by coming up with an ambitious plan to pay off your debts and hold onto what you earn.
  • Confront your phobias/obsessions/fears using the tools that you are drawn to (Tarot, psychiatrist, whatever).
  • Pick an area of your life where you feel powerless and come up with a plan to change that. Hint: it will involve boundaries.


  • Stalk someone. This includes "one last" pone call, email, perusal of their Facebook page. New Moons give momentum to beginnings (even if you swear that they're endings) and you do not want to get stuck in a cycle you can't break.
  • Re-visit your ex, even if they invite you. See above.
  • Take revenge...even a little bit. Your actions will be magnified by Jupiter and it'll  blow up in your face.
  • Spend a lot. It will be so easy to slide into debt and chances are you won't really need what you're lusting after.

Scorpio is a fixed sign so you'll be stuck with what you start. Think about this before you dive into something. You'll feel this New Moon most strongly if you have planets or angles at 2-3 degrees Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius.