Obsess Much? Mercury And Venus In Scorpio.

When was the last time you were obsessed with someone?

As Mercury (information) joins Venus (love) in Scorpio, thoughts about relationships will be fixed and intensified.  Scorpio needs to have power and this is achieved by getting to the bottom of things. You can see how this translates to obsession, right? You need to know all about someone. If they've ended the relationship you need to know why.

You have probably been fixated on someone at some point in your life. It might have been an enemy, a lover, ex-lover or someone you wanted as a lover. The other person's planets  fell in your 8th House (naturally ruled by Scorpio and a crucial player in your love life) or made strong contacts (conjunction, square, opposition) to your Pluto (ruler of Scorpio). Or their planets hit your Scorpio planets.  You get the point here....Scorpio was activated in your chart. If Scorpio is prominent in your chart you have probably experienced this more than once.

What's the common denominator? Control. Think back to the relationships/people that you could not let go of. You needed to see what was really going on. At all times.

I'm not saying that everyone will become a stalker while Venus and Mercury travel through Scorpio. But in general, people will not be satisfied with pat explanations or surface appearances. And some will take this a little too far. With Scorpio it's easy to succumb to fears of abandonment, loss of control and paranoia. If you find that you're having difficulty stepping back, consider what you're afraid of losing. Then consider if it was ever yours to begin with.

Venus and Mercury will be in Scorpio until November 2nd. They will be conjunct (in Scorpio) from October 26th to November 1st and this will be the intensification zone. On November 1st they will square elusive Neptune in Aquarius. Much will be revealed but people will also go digging for a lot of garbage that doesn't exist. There will be a fine line between getting to the truth and harassing someone.