Overcoming Resistance

What's stopping you? Could it be you?

Here's a simple yet profound article that talks about overcoming resistance. When you approach something you want to do (not something that you feel you should do) and you still hit a wall....that's resistance. What gives? You want to get in shape/save money/fall in love/work somewhere that doesn't suck the life out of you.  And yet.

You can't seem to take that first step. Or you take that first step but it's half assed. There could be many things stopping you but when we're talking resistance, that's Saturn. Saturn gives us structure but he also gives us fear, doubts, can't, won't, too difficult. Saturn's position in your chart tells you what area of your life this struggle takes place in. So does the house that Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) sits in.

Pluto is moving through Capricorn right now so everyone will be getting some high-octane help with breaking down their limitations. If you want to really work this Pluto transit, check out your Saturn. How does the house it's sitting in relate to your Capricorn house? What's the connection between these two areas of your life?