The Bulldozer: Transiting Mars In Leo Square Jupiter In Taurus

How much do you feel entitled to right now?

Super confident Mars in Leo is squaring Jupiter in Taurus. This is will and initiative prodded forward by the urge for more (Jupiter in Taurus).

Mars in Leo is raw energy with a sense of importance. Throw in a square to expansive, optimistic Jupiter and there's the potential to get carried away. Jupiter in Taurus wants all those security building resources so this aspect can be selfish. But there's tremendous potential to make solid (Taurus) gains (Jupiter) in any goal or project that is important to you (Mars in Leo). You'll have the energy to push things to the next level and earthy Taurus indicates that this is for real.

You will run into trouble if you try to bulldoze past any and all opposition. Check yourself and make sure that your quest for success is not happening at the expense of others. Jupiter is forming an inconjunct to the Sun in Libra so self involved optimism (Jupiter in Taurus) will have to be tempered with the objective awareness of other people.

The square between Mars and Jupiter will be exact on October 3rd. You'll feel this one if you have planets or angles between 7-9 degrees Leo or Taurus.