The Sun's Entrance Into Scorpio

Power. Disruption. Secrets. Exposure.

October 23rd will start the Sun's entrance into Scorpio off with a bang as it forms an inconjunct with Uranus at 1 degree Aries. Scorpio wants control of what's hidden and Uranus (revelations) in Aries (fighting against limitations) wants to shake that up. You may have gotten a hint of this when Venus and Mercury entered Scorpio earlier in the month.

It will be a really, really bad time for possessiveness, jealousy, obsessions and power struggles. The more you clamp down, the more forcefully someone or something will be ripped away. Try to manipulate and you'll be jarringly exposed.

On the positive side, the Sun will form a healing trine to Chiron at 0 degrees Pisces. This doesn't mean that you'll be forgiven for all your sins.  However, healing and compassion will be available for those willing to confront (Aries) their shadow (Scorpio). Think of Scorpio as the infection, Uranus as the needle and Chiron in Pisces as the balm.

When the mood starts to intensify, try to focus on what needs to be transformed. What do you need to let go of? What do you need to reveal? Here's a clue: it will be whatever you're most anxious to hide from others (or yourself).

These influences will hit people with planets or angles from 0-2 degrees Scorpio, Taurus or Aries. If your birthday falls on October 23rd or 24th these aspects will influence your year to come (a Birthday Forecast report can tell you how this will work).