Decision Time With The Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

The upcoming Full Moon eclipse (December 10th) will be in the idea driven sign of Gemini. Communication, choices and information will be the themes. Full Moon eclipses always indicate culminations so we're also looking at final decisions, goodbyes and information that makes or breaks a situation.

This eclipse will form a difficult aspect (inconjunct) with Venus in authoritative Capricorn. Messages and information will have to be adjusted to accommodate relationship or financial (Venus) rules (Capricorn). It could be these very rules and restrictions that push someone to decide that enough's enough.

But here's the catch...

Gemini does not like to be pinned down; he's much more comfortable if there's another option.  And Mercury (Gemini's ruler) will be going back over (retrograding) hopes, ideas and opportunities in Sagittarius. People will be looking for one more chance. Note that Mercury will go direct 3 days after this eclipse (December 13th) so the decisions made will carry forward, for better or worse. Choose wisely and, if at all possible, wait until after December 13th to put your plans into action. Remember that Mercury retrograde means delays, mix ups and changes.

Here's how to handle this eclipse energy:

  • When presented with multiple options (you might have 2 suitors, income streams or travel opportunities), focus and pick one.  Use the information you've gathered in the past to help make your decision. But wait until December 13th to see how things will shake out.
  • If someone asks for one more chance, one more time, watch December 13th to see if their true colours re-emerge.  If they are still on the right path after Mercury goes direct you can be certain they've changed for good this time.
  • If an answer, email or document is required, get to work on it. No dithering allowed...people will simply not be in the mood to accommodate hesitation. Having said that, see if you can wait until after December 13th to send it out.

Gemini also rules siblings so be prepared to apply the above situations to family scenarios. As always, much depends on what area of your chart Gemini occupies.

This eclipse will occur at 18 degrees Gemini. Those with planets or angles between 17-19 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces or Capricorn will be impacted strongly.