Feed Your Moon or How To Start Being Truly Happy

What happens when you ignore your needs? Some people do it every day and they're not even aware of it. When I talk about needs I'm talking about your Moon. No matter what sign it's in, your Moon tells you what is absolutely essential for your well being.

This is a gross generalization but I would say that the beginning of true happiness depends on paying attention to your Moon and giving it what it wants. Feed your Moon.

Leo Moon wants to be special. And wants everyone to notice how special it is.  You can feed your Leo Moon by finding something you're good at that makes you stand out. Ignore it (by trying to fit in or dampen your fire) and you'll get depressed.

Libra Moon wants to be someone's partner. And wants to be recognized as a fabulous partner. You can feed your Libra Moon by getting involved with someone who treats you as an equal. Ignore it (by isolating or giving too much of yourself and not getting the appreciation you crave) and you'll get lonely. Even if you're in a relationship.

Scorpio Moon wants controlled intimacy. Merging with someone but keeping the power. You can feed your Scorpio Moon by getting fearless about intimacy. Ignore it (by not honoring your need for depth or by giving away your power) and you'll lash out and seek revenge.

Obviously these are the most general interpretations ever and much depends on the house position of your Moon and its aspects to other natal planets. But think about the last time you denied yourself what you truly wanted. How did you react? What was the emotional backlash?  Because there's always a backlash and that's your Moon attempting to assert its needs. Pay attention.