Horoscopes for November 13th to November 20th


This week is marked by a powerful Grand Earth Trine involving Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. The trine will be in action for the entire week (November 13-20th) so it will be a superb time to solidify goals and manifest desires. The focus will be on realistic action and hard work. Everyone can benefit.


Your ruler (Mars) is part of this week's Grand Earth Trine. This means extra benefits  as your career, security and work/health sectors are linked together. It should be a busy but prosperous time as career opportunities/recognition coincide with your willingness put in extra effort. Finances and stability will grow as you focus on the essentials. Empowering your exercise/diet/daily routine can have a bigger impact than you realize as it pushes you into a whole new level of proficiency.


Jupiter in your sign hooks you into the benefits of this week's Grand Earth Trine. Opportunities come your way as you work towards desired goals/creative projects. Working on what you truly want will not be a waste of time and can open up future benefits. Consider how your view of distant horizons/the unknown has been changing.  Possibilities exist there now and your ambitions could lead you forward. Hint: your desire for more recognition is pointing you in the right direction.


This week's Grand Earth Trine impacts you behind the scenes. Changes involving home/family/your past will trigger private considerations. Possibilities include disagreements with those you live with, extra work around the house, renovations, breakdowns, repairs. As the action heats up, pay attention to how you respond and the impact on shared finances. Old patterns may be activated within you but now is the time to change this and create a whole new foundation.


The Grand Earth Trine occurs in your social sectors as you work on establishing support. Mars pushes you to speak your mind with positive repercussions amongst friends and partners. What you say/write/express will be well-received and can push certain relationships to another level. Consider what can be improved or healed and the realistic steps that can be taken to achieve this. No observation is too small and it's the little things that will have the greatest impact.


Your ambitions/needs for greater security will trigger this week's Grand Earth Trine. Dissatisfaction with your current financial or emotional situation will push you to work up a plan that could have majorly positive consequences. You'll find support in your career sector from mangers or potential employers. The key here is doing the work: as your daily routine/health or exercise regime continues to shift, know that focusing on building a better you will ultimately bring you the prosperity you seek.


Mars in your sign hooks you into this week's beneficial Grand Earth Trine. Your ambitions, hopes for the future and an increased sense of your own potential will all be key players. You just have to do what comes naturally; work, focus and allow the energy to carry you forward. Your increased workload may feel a bit overwhelming but know that you do have the power to manifest something great this week. Pay attention to the following areas: education, travel, publishing, philosophy or people/opportunities from other countries.


Much of what happens this week may be hidden as the Grand Earth Trine is triggered by your sector of secrets. Undiscovered potentials, overlooked developments and confusing actions can all play a role. Your relationship to the past/family is currently transforming so your reactions to these events may throw you off guard. Go slow and look for support (financial or emotional) from a partner or someone you share resources with. Logic won't do you much good now but your intuition will be bang on.


Upheaval/action in your social landscape will trigger this week's Grand Earth Trine. Disagreements with friends or acquaintances and/or a busy social agenda could be catalysts as you become more aware of who you want to be associated with.  New faces/introductions could signal the start of a significant romance or could push you towards greater freedom in an existing relationship. The key is focusing on what really works for you and how others are helping/hindering this process.


Career goals push you forward and trigger the Grand Earth Trine. Dissatisfaction with your current job or increased workload/opportunities can indicate a shift in lifestyle. The more effort you put into working towards the future, the more impact you'll see on your day to day routine and security. A recent change in status (more/less money, shift in emotional security) can be supported or remedied by co-workers, health professionals or something so mundane you may not have previously considered it. Consider how you've been helping yourself.


Pluto in your sign hooks you into the Grand Earth Trine. This week it is critical that you embrace the unknown/untried if you want to reap the benefits. Exciting opportunities involving education, travel, publishing, legal matters or anything/anyone foreign will beckon. Do not hesitate. This can open up a whole new creative or romantic chapter for you. The key will be not falling back on the old ways of reacting defensively or putting up boundaries.


Events concerning shared financial or emotional resources will be the catalyst for this week's Grand Earth Trine. The theme will be how much you want to give, how much you owe and how much you allow others to take from you. You could see upheavals financially (debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances) or emotionally (intimacy fears or anxieties). You can choose to react differently this time and will find support from those closest to you: family or people from your past.  It may not feel like it but you do have control over what's happening.


Events in your partnership sector will trigger the Grand Earth Trine for you. A passionate new relationship, increased energy in an existing partnership or your own ambitions to find someone for yourself are all possibilities. This could be a tremendously empowering influence as you get serious about who or what you want. Your sense of expanding possibilities will play a key role as will long term shifts in your social circle. How you relate to others in general will be the focus as you realize what's missing and how you can change it.