Horoscopes for November 27th to December 4th


Venus's transit of Capricorn (November 26th to December 20th) puts relationships and finances in the reality spotlight.  Romance and indulgences take a back seat to practicality and what can realistically be achieved. When Venus unites with Pluto in Capricorn on December 1st, it can be make or break time for love and money. What's been hidden, submerged or denied will come out but the trine to Mars in Virgo (December 1st to December 5th) ensures that practical assessments and measured reactions will keep things on the positive side.


Venus and Pluto unite in your career sector, introducing opportunities for advancement through cooperation. Strategic business partnerships, associating with the "right" people and investigating what others can do for you will be themes. You can manifest some serious career goals with this one but any progress will be fuelled by hard work and attention to detail. Mars (your ruler) in your sector of work and health hooks into this aspect and insists that you put 110% into upcoming developments. This is a positive aspect but make sure you don't indulge in power struggles. This is not the time to prove that you're number one.


Venus (your ruler) and Pluto power up your sector of opportunities. Desire meets the ability to manifest as you discover a way forward involving travel, publishing, legal matters or someone new and intriguing. This can feel especially potent (and a bit obsessive) so take it one step at a time. The connection with Mars in your sector of creativity and celebrations stirs up your sense of purpose and entitlement. This can be the moment where you make that creative dream or goal a reality. You deserve this and it feels right so just go after it.


Venus and Pluto join in your sector of shared resources, stirring up some heavy-duty financial and/or emotional currents. Realizations/tipping points involving debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances will be unavoidable. Alternatively, this could mark a new level of intimacy regarding a romantic relationship. The common theme is your power and their power; finding a workable balance between boundaries and sharing. Mars in your home and family sector fuels these events. Watch for financial help regarding home expenses or solid emotional support with family conflicts.


Relationships intensify as Venus and Pluto unite in your partnership sector. New levels of commitment and understanding can be achieved now as surface conventions are stripped away. Blatant honesty is what's called for; take a look at what's really going on. Mars in your communication sector enables this by pushing you to dig a little deeper and pay attention to the details. Say what you mean (just make sure it's backed up with solid facts). All this honesty could mark the end of a relationship, but only if things were heading in that direction to begin with. If this does happen, know that it's for the best because the foundation was crumbling anyway.


Your quest for self improvement continues as Venus and Pluto unite in your sector of work and health. Exercise, diet and work regimes can accelerate as you realize where your energy should really be going. The new you has been under construction for awhile  but you might have been pulled off track lately. This influence should help you to re-prioritize. Mars in you sector of personal resources has been making your needs undeniable. Now you'll be able to have your cake and eat it too as long as you're willing to work for your goals. There are no quick fixes for this one but a step-by-step rebuild of your foundation (physical or emotional) will guarantee success.


Mars in your sign hooks you into the powerful Venus/Pluto conjunction. These two planets bring their energy to your sector of creativity and celebrations, making all things seem possible. It's not an illusion; you really can achieve that seemingly unreachable goal. Keep doing what you do best (working) and focus that effort towards the one thing that you want most. You can expect increased recognition and appreciation for your efforts plus a breakthrough as others are made aware of your true value. No more labouring in the shadows; this is your moment to claim the prize.


Venus (your ruler) and Pluto unite in your home and family sector, bringing up powerful realizations about the past. This could mark a turning point in family relations or a giant leap forward for you as someone moves in (or out). What happens will be driven by events/impulses that you seem to have no control over as Mars stirs up your sector of secrets. Revelations will feel intense and events will have a much deeper impact than they appear to have on the surface. Allow yourself to pull back if you need to and know that all changes are on track with the current re-construction of who you are.


Venus and Pluto (your ruler) join in your communications sector, uncovering critical messages, potent words and intense ideas. Saying what you really need/want will feel unavoidable so get those cards on the table. Much of what you say will be powered by what you "know" on an instinctive level plus recent events involving friends and associates. This could involve your position within the group or a conflict with one person. Either way, communications are important because they will manifest into reality.


Venus and Pluto join in your sector of resources, showing you how to get what you really want. You'll notice that what you really want is changing (perhaps dramatically). If you haven't noticed this it's time to wake up. The old paths to emotional and financial security simply won't cut it now. Mars is firing up your sector of career and future ambitions, giving you a clue as to what path you should follow. Pay attention to what's wrong, what's missing and why you feel restless. You can achieve so much now but only if you reach forward, not back.


Venus and Pluto unite in your sign, handing you a ticket to emotional and/or financial satisfaction. There's one catch: you can't follow the old rules. The old way of doing things will not work so re-evaluate your self-image and how you've been projecting yourself to the world. Mars in your sector of opportunities has been stirring up your awareness of what's new, foreign, untested and risky. It's actually not as risky as you think and taking one small, measured step in that direction can put you on whole new path to fulfilment. Pay attention to long distance messages, travel, publishing or legal opportunities.


Venus and Pluto stir things up in your sector of secrets, emphasizing what's hidden, forbidden, intriguing or overlooked. Events can feel intense and out of your control, especially as Mars activates your sector of shared resources. Much of what happens will feel like it's coming at you rather than to you. Pull back to observe if you need to but know that this can mark a critical step forward regarding your intimacy/anxiety issues. No on can take you anywhere you don't want to go.


Venus and Pluto unite in your sector of groups, stirring up important realizations about your relationship to others. An intense new romance or powerful friendship can emerge. Mars in your relationship sector keeps things sizzling but you may feel overwhelmed by demands. How others empower or undermine you will become apparent. These influences can push you to solidify boundaries or construct new ones, depending on how far you're being pushed.