Horoscopes for November 6th to November 13th


November 10th features a double dose of solid developments. The Full Moon occurs at 18 degrees Taurus, finalizing situations involving security, needs, resources and self-esteem. What's working will bring rewards and what's not will bring endings. Mars moves into Virgo as well, staying until July 3rd (due to a retrograde cycle next year). This lengthy stay will cause people to focus on what's missing, what can be improved and exactly how to make things work.


The Full Moon in your security sector brings a situation involving emotional/financial security to a head. Your needs will be highlighted and it will become very clear if you've been honouring your personal values or not. As Mars (your ruler)  moves into your sector of work and health you'll be ready to define what's working, what's not, and what you can do about it. The next few months will be busy but productive as you settle into a routine that powers you forward.


The Full Moon in your sign will give you unmistakable signals on what to do and where to go next. Use the ending of a phase or situation as your guide and move forward knowing that you can only build something better from now on. Mars in your sector of creativity and celebrations gives you ambition, focus and the desire to step up or stand out. Desired goals are well within your reach if you put in the work so use the next few months to show the world what you are capable of.


The Full Moon in your sector of secrets brings hidden needs or developments to a head. Watch for occurrences that may promise more than they deliver or feature something essential that you've overlooked. As Mars moves into your sector of home and family, get ready for fast-paced changes and developments. Mind the details, especially when dealing with documents and conversations related to moving, home businesses or living arrangements. There's also an increased tendency for arguments and accidents so try to take things step by step.


The Full Moon in your sector of friends and groups makes it clear where you stand with others. Mutual needs and benefits will be highlighted and you may find that ties are cut and people move on. You've probably seen the dissolution or transformation of a group coming. Mars moves into your communications sector, giving you the courage and focus to let others know exactly where you stand. As your thoughts and words power up, consider what's essential and what you can cut out.


The Full Moon in your career sector indicates whether a job opportunity/direction is valid or not. You may get a fruitful offer that involves increased security or a door may close permanently. Whatever happens, be prepared to dig in and work on building a structure that can support your next move. Mars in your security sector sees you focusing on financial or emotional details. Your evolving situation demands that you step up and work on improving yourself. Whether you've started something promising or your life feels empty, know that the only way forward is by doing the work.


The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities illuminates education, travel, publishing or distant/future developments. Something new on the horizon will reach a critical point and you'll see whether you should move forward or change your path.  Mars enters your sign for a long stay and you'll feel your energy, determination and empowerment increase.  Set some goals now or welcome a new situation with open arms; you can definitely handle what's on your plate and your capacity for self-improvement will be at an all time high.


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources sees a resolution involving intimacy, boundaries or shared financial responsibility. You may decide to let someone in, cut someone out or make a decision regarding debts, loans or your partner's finances. The focus will be on shared structures that empower you and if something is not working there will be no option but to change it. Mars enters your sector of hidden things and you may find your energy decreasing as you feel the urge to withdraw. The next few months will see you exploring private developments and hidden potential.


The Full Moon finalizes a relationship change. An ending or move to the next level is possible but you've seen this coming for some time. Whatever happens will reflect your true values and needs. Mars moves into you sector of friends and groups and you'll start to focus on who you really want to associate with. You may get fired up and join a cause or decide that you're better off without certain people. This influence can also indicate arguments and disruptions with friends so make sure small issues don't get blown out of proportion.


The Full Moon in your sector of day to day activities throws the spotlight on work or health matters.  Neglected situations involving co-workers, exercise routines, doctors appointments or injuries will demand resolution now. Alternatively, if you've been keeping things in order you could receive a bonus, payback or thank you. Mars enters your career sector, firing your sense of urgency and desire for advancement. The next few months could see you break new ground as you decide that your current path is not cutting it.


The Full Moon brings you a creative or social high tide. A new romance, creative goal or desire for achievement will move forward or end, depending on whether it's right for you. That sense of authenticity and fulfillment is your guide and if it's lacking you'll have to look elsewhere. Mars in your sector of opportunities pushes you to explore the future. New opportunities in education, travel, publishing or even a philosophical shift are all possibilities. The next few months will see you pushing the boundaries and moving towards areas you had not considered.


The Full Moon brings a home or family situation to a head. Watch for revelations (especially involving female relatives) or a security based situation to peak. You'll find that there's no going back and if a once stable situation is transforming it will be for the best. Mars enters your sector of shared resources as you work on debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances. Money owed can become critical over the next few months and you'll need to pinpoint what's not working. Alternatively, the next few months could see you deciding that enough's enough regarding who you let in and how much power you give them.


The Full Moon sets you up to speak your mind, manifest your plans or take the next step. It will be time to let others know where you stand and the results could feature an ending or step forward. Either way, you'll see that it works out for the best. Mars enters your partnership sector as your romantic life accelerates over the next few months. New partnership opportunities and/or focus on an existing relationship will make you aware of what needs to be changed. The theme will be improving your romantic life to the point where it offers you exactly what you want.