Sagittarian Birthday With A Sparkling Surprise

The Sun moves into freedom loving Sagittarius today and hooks into a glittering trine with Uranus in Aries. This one is so shiny it's ridiculous.

Sag is the explorer. New horizons (physcially, mentally and spiritually). Endless possibilities. Uranus in Aries is the electric disrupter. Its function is to blast the status-quo away so something new can take its place. Combine the two in a flowing trine and you get a dazzling circuit of energy.

Inspiration, luck and happy surprises are the calling cards of this aspect. You must be ready to step outside your comfort zone to take advantage.

If your birthday falls between today and November 24th, lucky you! This aspect will be your signature for the year to come. Since you're a Sag I don't need to go on about how important it is to make a clean break with the past. You're probably buzzing with new ideas already. I'll just say this: keep moving forward. This is your year.

Anyone with planets or angles from 0-2 degrees Sagittarius will feel this aspect strongly. If you know your chart, see what house these degrees fall in. Then see what house transiting Uranus is moving through. These are the areas of your life that will be blown wide open. Expect events to trigger independence, bravery, excitement and surprises.

For example, if transiting Uranus is sitting in your 2nd house it will trine the Sag Sun in your 10th or 11th house. Watch for a wake-up call involving career,  public image, friends or groups. This could lead to a new income stream (freelance work), a realization about your self-esteem or emotional security.