A Date with Destiny: Neptune Crosses Your North Node

If your North Node is in Pisces, Neptune's return to the sign that it rules will represent a critical turning point. I'm talking about a full on date with destiny, window to the future, fate-taps-you-on-the-shoulder kind of moment.

I've written about the Nodes here. Your North Node is the point in your chart that describes (via house and sign placement) your future path. Your purpose in life. The best use of your potential. Those with the North Node in Pisces are meant to follow a path that illustrates everything this sign stands for. What that is will depend on the area of your chart it sits in and its aspects to your natal planets. But generally, a Piscean North Node explores a creative, spiritual lifestyle. It's about allowing things to happen and letting go of expectations.

Neptune moves into Pisces as of February, 2012. It visited Pisces for a few months this year (April to July) before returning to Aquarius in August, 2011. This time it will stay in Pisces until 2025 and will pass over your North Node. What's going to happen? Well, there's no one left alive to compare notes with because the last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1847. You're making history here. But you might expect the following:

  • A pull towards what you've always wanted to do
  • Dissatisfaction with everyday things: routine work, structured jobs, accumulating material wealth
  • The desire to pull away from the groups/society/institutions you've always known

 Neptune/Pisces aims to detach you from the material world. For some, this can mean a higher, truer path. For others it can mean confusion, loss of ambition and chasing down a fantasy. How to know if you're heading in the right direction? As always, look at your entire chart. The whole story is there. Start with the houses your North Node and natal Neptune sit in. These are the two areas of your life where your future will unfold.

Those with their North Node at zero degrees Pisces had a taste this year when Neptune dipped its toes in the water (April to July). In 2012, Neptune will move back and forth between zero and three degrees.

 Neptune will be passing over your North Node in 2012 if you were born between the following dates:

  • December 12 to March 28, 1952
  • July 4th to November 2nd, 1970
  • April 9 to May 22, 1989