Do Nothing: The Void of Course Moon in Pisces Tonight and Tommorow

You may find it difficult to stay grounded or accomplish much until tomorrow evening.

The Moon in Pisces is drifting (Void of Course), making no contacts to any planets (as of 1:06 PM EST). I'm sure you've heard the Void of Course Moon warning:  don't start anything new during this period because it will come to nothing. This has special resonance with Pisces, the sign that dissolves reality, ego and boundaries.

So, not a good time to jump into that new project, set up a first date or send out a job application. It is a good time to pull back, relax, fantasize, light some incense, meditate or hang out with low-key people. Think of it as an extended coffee break.  Just don't try to set new things in motion.  Or, initiate things that you don't want to work out. That's always an option with the Void Moon.

The Moon will hit Uranus in Aries at 8:51 PM EST tomorrow. So it will come out of its Void state with a bang. This may feel like waking up with a shot of adrenalin. Excellent time to get things started but be careful; Uranus likes surprises.