Horoscopes for December 25th to January 1st


Jupiter's direct motion in Taurus happens on December 25th. Christmas doesn't get any better when the planet of expansion is back to full speed in the sign of abundance. Increases that you noticed in June, 2011 will resume. The Sun and Pluto form a conjunction in Capricorn on December 29th. This is a powerful moment for solidifying intentions, setting boundaries and focusing on achievements.


Jupiter's direct motion puts you back on track regarding finances and emotional security.  Any delays involving personal resources should lift and the financial increases and/or expansion of your needs that started back in June will continue. The Sun and Pluto join forces in you career sector, signalling achievement and ambition. This is the time you can take on lead on an essential project, job offer or management position.


Jupiter goes direct in your sign, bringing renewed motivation and opportunities. Plans for expansion that were hinted at back in June will now move forward. This is your time so get to work on the foundations for your new life chapter. The Sun and Pluto bring their significant power to your sector of opportunities. Focus on the future and go after what you want. Areas that are ripe for achievement include long distance travel, publishing, education, legal matters or brave new ideas.


Jupiter's direct motion takes place in your sector of secrets as events start to roll behind the scenes. Projects on the back-burner will start cooking again as will overlooked or hidden opportunities. The Sun and Pluto signal a turning point in shared resources. Watch for opportunities to gain control of taxes and debts or to reach an agreement regarding your partner's finances. Alternatively, control issues regarding intimacy will reach a critical point.


Jupiter direct in your sector of friends and groups moves you to the next stage of your associations. Some friendships may flourish while others are left behind as you burn your own path.  The Sun and Pluto unite in your partnership sector, signalling a definitive moment or commitment. You'll know exactly where the two of you stand and, if you're single, a turning point regarding your love life will be featured. Single or attached, the themes will be solidifying your partnership boundaries and goals.


Jupiter's direct motion puts your career into overdrive. Opportunities that appeared in June will materialize again or move forward. Progress is assured now so think big and cast your net; you'll be noticed by all the right people. The Sun and Pluto boost your health and work routines. Power and authority are yours, whether this means others defer to you or you reach a new level of achievement regarding exercise, diet or daily tasks.


Jupiter moves forward in your opportunities sector, signalling essential future developments. Events that began back in June (involving travel, publishing, legal matters or unexplored territory) will solidify. This is the time to manifest your hopes. The Sun and Pluto bring a surge of power to creative projects and recognition. You will be noticed so pull out all the stops. Whether this means attending holiday celebrations or solidifying intent around a personal goal, you can get what you want (and then some).


Jupiter puts you on the right path regarding taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances. Delays are lifted and promised assistance (financial or emotional) will arrive.  You may just end up feeling really good; know that this is due to increased trust and acceptance on your part. It really is going to be ok. The Sun and Pluto introduce a critical decision or turning point involving home and family. From here on in you'll have a  stronger grip on changes and some effective strategies to deal with them.


Jupiter moves your relationships to the next level. Developments that started back in June will now continue. You can expect freedom, expansion and the sense that everything is moving in the right direction no matter what happens. The Sun and Pluto solidify an idea or decision. There's no turning back now as your plans take shape. December 29th is an outstanding day if you need to get your point across.


Jupiter smooths things out as it moves foreword in your sector of day to day activities. Health, work routines and daily tasks should all improve as your optimism and energy levels increase. The Sun and Pluto find you making a critical decision about finances or emotional security. Watch for opportunities to solidify what you've got and gain some serious control over yourself. Who has the power to make you happy? You do.


Jupiter's forward motion brings back your mojo regarding creative projects and ego. You have a lot to offer and, as the next few months will reveal, others will sit up and take notice. The Sun and Pluto join forces in your sign, signalling a potent turning point. You'll become aware of how much power you have and how easy it is to chart the course of your future.


Jupiter's direct motion brings back the family warmth and support that you've been missing. You'll get the most out of this if you appreciate what you have; the trend is a slow, steady improvement in relationships. Alternatively, plans to relocate or purchase a home could move forward. The Sun and Pluto bring focus to hidden or background developments. Private plans or dreams will take the next step towards becoming real.


Jupiter's forward motion brings back your optimism and inspiration. Plans are doable once more as you discover the perfect way to deliver your message. Alternatively, you may receive the information that you were hoping for. The Sun and Pluto could mark an important new association or the end of a friendship. Either way, you'll decide exactly what group you want to be part of.