Light Your Fire With Mercury Direct

Looking forward to Mercury direct? You should be. It's happening on December 13th and it will be on fire with potential.

Mercury will be at 3 degrees Sagittarius when it stops sliding backwards (retrograding). It will hook into a vibrant Leo Moon in the evening.  That's when you can get a bit selfish. What will be next for you? Focus on the future (Mercury in Sagittarius) to meet your needs (Moon in Leo). Have faith (Sagittarius) that you can create (Leo) something good.

This will be connected to tomorrow's eclipse.

The Full Moon eclipse will occur in Gemini (ruled by Mercury). Mercury will be retrograde (moving backwards) at that time so the whole story won't be revealed until it goes direct. No matter what part of your chart these events activate, the message will be "move on". Full Moon eclipses are about endings. Mercury moves forward when it goes direct. And Sagittarius explores new and exciting developments.

Mercury direct will toss something hot at you. Inspiring information, a surprising conversation, an unexpected message. Timing will be essential so act on it immediately.