Merry Christmas With Jupiter Direct

Here's a Christmas gift everyone can make use of : Jupiter in Taurus goes direct on December 25th. I've written about the benefits of the Santa Claus planet in the sign of abundance here.

Jupiter has been transiting through Taurus since June, 2011. It started moving in reverse (retrograde) around August so its energy slowed down and turned inwards. This was the time to take stock of all those Taurus-type goodies (resources, security, personal worth) that Jupiter brought you. Read this post for details. Taurus is a deliberate sign so it's fitting that everyone had a chance to count/look over/get used to anything new in this area.  Once Jupiter goes direct it will be time to move onto Phase 2 of whatever you're building.

What's striking about the 25th is there will be so much earth. Jupiter in Taurus. Sun, Pluto and Moon in Capricorn. Mars in Virgo. Christmas will be dominated by the Earth signs which means:

  • The emphasis will be on tangible, practical issues
  • Back-to-basics and tradition will rule
  • Good intentions will be nice but people will want proof

Even with Venus in quirky Aquarius, Earth energy will be the main story. The Air and Fire signs will make up the sub-plot.

Those of you with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in the Earth signs will feel very comfortable. And anyone lucky enough to have any planet between 0-2 degrees Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will reap some major benefits (and some fantastic Christmas gifts). But everyone can make use of this energy if you:

  • Locate Taurus in your natal chart: this will be the area of your life that will demonstrate visible growth.
  • Focus on what's real and how to make that work for you

Taurus represents money, physical appearance, security and self-worth. Virgo represents health, service to others and routine. Capricorn represents social position, career and authority. All these themes will be energized in some way.