The Beauty Of The Unappreciated: Transiting Venus Square Saturn

Sometimes you play by the rules and still don't win.

Venus in Capricorn will be squaring Saturn in Libra from December 15th to 18th. They've traded signs (Saturn rules Capricorn and Venus rules Libra) and this will be a tense meeting. People will be acting correctly and staying focused (Venus in Capricorn) but they'll feel blocked (Saturn in Libra). This is the aspect of under-appreciation and frustration. No matter how much work you pour into a relationship or business you'll swear that it's not enough. No matter what you do for others they'll never say thank you.

The feeling that you're doing something wrong will be courtesy of Saturn's contact to Venus. Venus in Capricorn is already focused on making do with less. The Saturn contact will just exacerbate it.

The good news? If you dig in and do the work you'll accomplish something significant (though it may not feel like it at the time). If you're looking for an early start to your New Year's diet/budget/exercise regime this could be it. Self-indulgence will just feel wrong. Need practice setting boundaries? Say "no" during this time and see how effective it is. Of course, if you slack off/get needy/go crazy with the gift buying you'll feel the repercussions immediately.

This is a brief influence so it's not a huge deal. Just remember to stay strong and focused during those few days, especially if you have angles or planets from 24 to 27 degrees Libra or Capricorn. People won't rush up to you with hugs and congratulations. But if you stick to the plan and quietly do your thing, you can accomplish some amazing feats of self-discipline.