New Year's Eve: Brought To You By The Sun In Capricorn

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 22nd, 12:29 AM EST (The Winter Solstice). As I mentioned in my weekly horoscopes, it will contact the same planet (Jupiter at zero degrees Taurus) that Venus in Aquarius squares a few days earlier.

This follow-up energy can work as a solution to the awkwardness of the Venus-Jupiter square. The Sun in Capricorn blends structure and responsibility with Jupiter's increased self-sufficiency. Struggles between freedom (Venus in Aquarius) and possession (Jupiter in Taurus) can be worked out if you approach things with maturity (Capricorn).

The fact that this happens on the longest night of the year makes it a rather crucial turning point. If you treat December 22nd as New Year's Eve you can put some powerful oomph behind your resolutions. The Winter Solstice already has centuries of fresh-start energy behind it so why not hook into that? Plus, Jupiter will go direct on December 25th. The energy of expanded (Jupiter) abundance (Taurus) will go full speed ahead, pulling your December 22nd resolutions along with it.

My horoscopes will tell you the impact on each sign but here's some ideas on what to do with this energy:

  • Create a structured (Capricorn) plan on how to increase (Jupiter) money, self-esteem and security in your life (Taurus). And I mean structured: it needs to be practical, doable and written down.
  • Put some serious boundaries (Capricorn) on anything or anyone who undercuts your self-esteem (Taurus). This includes family/friends/partners to whom you give too much and food/drink/spending that you overindulge in.
  • Take responsibility (Capricorn) for your own security (Taurus). Consider how it would feel to not depend on others for your happiness. And this does not mean living in isolation. It means having a rock-solid assurance that you are it, whether or not you're surrounded by a stellar supporting cast.

If you're not sure what to work on, use the Venus-Jupiter square as a prompt. Any issues that come up involving freedom/boundaries, rebellion/preservation, alienation/security will be ripe for change.