Today's Influences: Get It Done Right

If you have mundane tasks that need to be done, today is excellent for powering through.

The Sun in Capricorn provides focus and assistance from authority as it trines busy Mars in Virgo. You can receive recognition (Sun) today for detailed work that's done right (Mars in Virgo).

Meanwhile, the Moon in Virgo is approaching Mars. It will make an exact conjunction around 7:00 PM (EST) this evening. The Moon indicates timing, so tonight's conjunction could refer to a turning point/conclusion/next step in whatever you're working on. Note that the Moon is currently getting darker (waning) so it won't be a fresh start. This waning Moon favours tidying up loose ends.

Also, the Moon will go Void of Course a couple of hours after this conjunction. It will make no other aspects to planets until it leaves Virgo. Void of Course Moons are a dead-zone for productive activity so get your work done before this point.

Those with planets between 21-22 degrees Virgo or Capricorn will be strongly affected by this transit.