A Dream Come True? Venus Conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius.

Attention all dreamers, romantics, addicts, idealists and anyone looking for a better world: Venus meets up with Neptune in Aquarius on January 13th. Actually, these two planets are close enough to activate this conjunction now.

So, yes. When the planet of love and relating (Venus) fuses with the planet of dreams and spirituality (Neptune), there will be tons of misty visions and half-glimpsed hopes floating around. And in Aquarius, the sign of detachment, ideals and the collective? Feelings can run from unrequited (let's just be friends) to loving everyone in a universal kind of way.

But hang on. Venus is trining Saturn in Libra (this aspect will also be exact on January 13th, but a few hours earlier). That's a nice shot of balanced (Libra) reality (Saturn).  It carries the themes I talked about in my post on Saturn trine Neptune a step further.


  • Detached love (a valuable tool for those involved with self-destructive people they can't just cut off)
  • Loving acceptance of someone (yourself included)
  • Making your romantic dreams a reality or finally letting go

That last point is a sticky one. How do you know when it's real? When do you move on? The great thing about Neptune in the current mix is it should do the letting go for you. If a specific romantic/creative hope is meant to crystallize (Saturn), it will (around the time that Venus and Neptune come together). If you've been kidding yourself, Neptune will gently dissolve the situation. Everything is so detached and airy that the letting go should be (fairly) calm. And for those fortunate enough to see their dreams come true? Enjoy this rare combination of romance and reality.

If you have planets between 25 and 29 degrees Aquarius and Libra this influence should have a strong impact on you. Everyone else can look at the areas of their chart where Aquarius and Libra are located. These are the areas of your life where you can:

  • Allow events to unfold (instead of pushing)
  • Pull back from a person/situation and see what happens
  • Add some structure to your dream/project/hope and see what happens

If these points sound passive, know that Neptune's energy cannot be used like a hammer. It can be nudged in a general direction but that's about it.