Horoscopes for 2012


This week's horoscopes will be a very brief overview of the year to come. Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) continue to push major transformations upon us as the status quo crumbles. Saturn ends his tour of Libra in October and moves into Scorpio, signalling yet another shift of structures and boundaries. Note that Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) will be in each other's signs. This should magnify  changes of the establishment. Neptune moves forward into Pisces (the sign that it rules) in February and will remain there until 2025. This heightened spirituality and compassion should act as a counterpoint to the rather aggressive changes brought on by the other planets. Jupiter will move from Taurus to Gemini in June for a year long stay.  Gemini almost always involves "more than one" so watch for some crazy options and multiple choices. Note that not all these options will have Taurus's staying power.


Uranus, the bringer of sudden changes, sits at the start of your sign and promises excitement for the upcoming year (and until 2018). Much that you know about yourself will be transformed (if this hasn't started happening already) as you agitate for freedom. Planets between 0 and 8 degrees Aries will be hit by Uranus this year. Meanwhile, Saturn's rules and restrictions are almost complete in your relationship sector (he leaves in October). This year you should have a much clearer picture of where an existing relationship stands. If a relationship has recently ended, partnerships should  be much lighter and happier this year.


Jupiter will continue to gift you with his one-time-only opportunities as he moves through your sign.  His influence will be in effect until the beginning of June so do not hesitate or procrastinate. This will be your chance to dramatically expand what you  have or move in a successful new direction. Saturn enters your relationship sector in October and it will be time to confront certain realities. Important connections will crystallize as will your understanding of your relationship needs. By the end of his 3 year tour of this sector, partnerships will either solidify into formal commitments or end.


Neptune advances into your career sector as of February, marking a gradual shift in your future goals.  Changes will not be sudden but you may experience dissatisfaction with your current plans. This is the influence that urges you to follow your dreams. If goals have not been aligned with what you're meant to do, be prepared for them to dissolve (whether you initiate these changes or not). Note that this influence will be in effect until 2025 so it's not a flash in the pan. Jupiter moves into your sign as of June, 2012 and will remain there until June, 2013. That's a year's worth of opportunities, optimism and expanded choices. Enjoy!


Pluto will continue to stir up your partnership sector this year (and through 2024). Issues involving power, control and personal boundaries will be confronted. Pluto's energy has to do with clearing away the past; old associations may re-appear so unfinished business can be completed. Alternatively, an intense new relationship may appear. Romance will not be lighthearted but the goal is to initiate changes through emotional intensity. Uranus will continue to propel you forward as it marches through your career sector (until 2018). Any job instability will continue but you can also look forward to unexpected job offers or a whole new career path.


Jupiter occupies your career sector for the first half of the year. It may feel like you can do no wrong (on the job at least) but don't push the trust your superiors have in you. You can make some serious gains during this influence as long as you don't slack off or reach beyond what you're capable of. Overconfidence and/or laziness are risks with this influence.  Saturn will move into your home and family sector as of October, bringing increased responsibilities. Issues may include caring for an aging parent, buying a home or dealing with family restrictions. Events may feel unfair and burdensome as so much will be placed on your shoulders. Know that you can handle whatever comes up and by the end of this transit (2015) you'll be stronger, more focused and have an unshakable foundation.


Neptune's tour of your relationship sector will last until 2025 so get ready for the long haul. There is the dual potential for your romantic dreams to come true or for you to wander off into fantasy land. You'll have plenty of time to figure it out so just go slow and allow things to happen. Much of what you thought you wanted in a partner will change and you'll find that control, analysis and worry will be completely ineffective. Mars continues to vitalize your sign until July so focus that energy on your personal and creative goals. New Year's resolutions will be particularly successful if you do what you do best (self-improvement) and don't worry about anyone else.


Saturn will leave your sign in October. It's been a long ride and you're almost done. There may have been some losses but you are definitely stronger, wiser and more determined. This year will be the time to consolidate your lessons and firm up any remaining boundaries. Uranus will rip through your relationship sector until 2018 so any partnership changes you've experienced so far are only the beginning. This year your romantic landscape will shift as new and electric relationships come into your life. They may not be long term but they will wake you up to new ideas, associations and lifestyles.

Scorpio: Jupiter will move through your partnership sector until June, bringing supportive new relationships or improving the state of your current partnership. This optimistic transit is about freedom above all so if an existing relationship no longer meets your needs it may end. However, even a breakup should be amicable and someone new may be waiting. Saturn enters your sign in October, staying until 2015. Much of what you've gained so far will be questioned during this transit and, if it's not in line with your true purpose/goals/needs, it will be discarded. Saturn transits are about narrowing your focus to what really matters.  Planets between 0 and 9 degrees Scorpio will be hit by Saturn this year.


Neptune moves forward in your home and family sector this February, dissolving your past so you can embrace the future. This long term transit (until 2025) may bring confusion to issues involving parents, childhood ideals and where you want to put down roots. Beliefs that were set when you were young will be tested now and it may be awhile before you're clear on what your true foundations are. Use this as a time to explore and let go of childhood wounds and restrictions. Jupiter (your ruler) hits your partnership sector in June and will stay for a full year. This means more romantic opportunities (possibly more than you'll know what to do with) and a chance to play. Enjoy the attention from suitors and don't settle! You call the shots.


Pluto will continue to move through your sign (until 2024) so the transformations won't be stopping any time soon. Old structures and limitations will be rooted out. While much of this may feel overwhelming, know that you are being given the opportunity to claim your power (Pluto contacts often involve increased influence and authority).  Planets between 7 and 9 degrees Capricorn will be hit this year. Saturn, your ruler, will move out of your career sector by October. Make use of the time between January and October to crystallize career ambitions and establish your authority.


Jupiter moves through your home and family sector until June, expanding your home security. Costs associated with rent, mortgages or relocations may also increase so keep this in mind if you find the perfect place to move to. Family relations should improve but keep your expectations in check. You'll be looking at slow growth, not a complete transformation. Uranus (your ruler) will continue to fire up your communications sector. Ideas, plans and messages may come and go like the wind. You'll have to walk the fine line between empty promises and act-now-before-it's-too-late inspiration.


After a retrograde period last year, Neptune will move into your sign as of February for a long stay (until 2025). When your ruler comes home it's a unique opportunity to discover what you're all about and what you're meant to do. Neptune's action is subtle so over the next few years you may experience these changes like an original piece of art slowly being revealed under layers of paint. Mars will continue to fire up your partnership sector until July. Your love life won't be dull as demanding relationships appear. You'll become more selective and aware of what others have to offer.