Horoscopes for January 8th to January 15th


An emotional week begins with the Full Moon in Cancer on January 9th (see this post for more information). Instinctive needs and emotional responses will be strong and may come out of nowhere for some. Endings or culminations that occur will have been simmering for awhile. Venus moves into magical Pisces on January 14th, introducing romance, creativity and compassion. Unfortunately, Pisces's shadow side will also be activated which means delusion and romantic deception.  How you respond to this energy is always your choice.


The Full Moon emphasizes issues such as home versus career and public versus private life. Watch for emotional culminations involving your past, childhood, mother or prominent female figure. Once Venus moves into your sector of secrets you'll feel the urge for some alone time. Socializing will not be high on your list so give yourself a break. Alternatively, hidden romantic affairs or unclear developments are a possibility; watch out for deception.


The Full Moon brings about an emotional culmination regarding messages, short journeys or siblings. All these areas could feature news that conflicts with your long-range plans or opportunities. Venus's entry into your sector of friends and groups puts you in a sociable mood; mellow get-togethers are favored as are opportunities to expand your creative interests/talents in a public forum. If you're single, watch for the boundaries between romance and friendship to become blurry.


The Full Moon hi-lights security needs and resources. This could be an especially needy Moon for you; if you are lacking emotional or material security it will become very apparent. Issues involving your resources and boundaries versus a partner's control will be magnified. Venus enters your career sector, giving your public profile a glamourous boost. You have the magic touch now when it comes to impressing those in authority, getting noticed and finding a new job. People may project their hopes onto you so be very clear about what you can deliver.


The Full Moon in your sign hi-lights your needs versus your partner's. Emotions will run high as you attempt to balance your identity with your desire to create/maintain a structured relationship. Venus opens up creative, dream-come-true opportunities involving long distance travel, publishing, education or legal matters. Someone or something new may seem too good to be true. Know that your capabilities for exploring the unknown (and incorporating it into your life) will broaden dramatically over the next few years.


The Full Moon in your sector of secrets could illuminate a hidden matter. If you've been keeping emotions or developments from others you'll feel tremendous pressure to reveal. Venus enters your sector of shared resources, emphasizing issues that feel out of your control. Love may have an addictive, obsessive edge while finances (taxes, debts or your partner's) could "magically" expand. Note that extra money could fade away just as easily so keep track of all expenses and be wary of financial deception.


The Full Moon hi-lights situations with friends and groups. Emotional endings, departures or realizations will be featured as your sense of comfort and belonging in the group is challenged. Venus in your relationship sector promises new romantic  arrivals or the softening of an existing partnership. The line between idealism and deception could become unclear in some cases so proceed with caution. Forgiveness, compassion and letting go of old relationship wounds is emphasized for all Virgos (single or taken).


The Full Moon hi-lights emotional career choices. What makes you happy will compete with your responsibilities to home and family. If you've been focusing on paying the bills and ignoring your inner needs, expect to feel restless, irritated and hypersensitive. Venus (your ruler) will give your daily routines an optimistic boost and you may feel like socializing more than working. The lines between work and romance could get blurry so proceed carefully. Your needs will be secondary.


This Full Moon open new and exciting doorways for you. Exotic possibilities and distant opportunities will come tantalizingly close as you feel the pull to explore. Venus gives you a sparkling boost; flirtations, parties, creative inspiration and pure glamour are all yours with this transit. No matter what you do with this energy, the overall theme will be you getting noticed. Use it wisely.


This Full Moon could stir up some hard-to-handle emotions. Fears about being alone will bubble to the surface. Attractions will feel intense and out of control. Step back and remind yourself that the root of all this is control based and you do have the final say (as always). Venus moves into your sector of home and family and you'll feel more like nesting than socializing. Time spent alone or with one or two select people will be healing.


The Full Moon brings relationship issues to a boil. Intense discussions and realizations involving partnership needs, boundaries and nurturing will be featured. A relationship may end or enter a whole new phase. Venus adds some magic to your communication sector. You can say/write the perfect thing now (this includes creative efforts). Alternatively, desired messages could come your way. In both cases, wishful thinking could be a risk so make sure everyone (including you) is being upfront.


The Full Moon brings health or work issues to a head. Emotional confrontations with co-workers, decisions about your personal routine or medical concerns can reach a turning point. Venus pushes you to consider your needs and security concerns. Personal income and emotional satisfaction can get a boost now but not from traditional venues. Think creative/fated/allowing (as opposed to forcing) good things into your life.


The Full Moon features a creative/social high point. Watch for realizations about how you can shine, a new creative career path or a dreamy romantic connection. As Venus moves into your sign, your charm and magnetism get turned on full-force. Use this energy to move forward from disappoints, celebrate and enjoy life. You deserve this.