Pain Relief: Venus's Transit of Pisces

On the heels of the gentle Venus/Neptune conjunction (discussed here), Venus will drift into Pisces (ruled by Neptune) on January 14th and stay until February 8th. Any dreaminess/lack of focus/ that you're sensing now (in the areas of love, beauty and money) is just beginning.

While Venus was in Aquarius you could detach from relationship issues by rationalizing. When Venus swims through Pisces, you can still detach but rationality will be missing in action. Pisces takes Venus beyond what you know and this is not a bad thing. Especially if you want to be inspired.



Healthy ways to work with Venus in Pisces:

  • Write, paint, draw, compose
  • Forgive yourself or someone else
  • Make someone's dream come true
  • Focus on something besides making or spending money

Things not to do while Venus is in Pisces:

  • Martyr yourself (to a relationship/person)
  • Use drink/drugs/love as an escape
  • Work on your budget

Venus starts her tour of this sign with a beautiful conjunction to Chiron, the Wounded Healer (exact on January 16th). This will be one of the most healing, compassionate aspects that you'll experience all year. Weaknesses (Chiron) will be activated in Venus ruled areas (relationships, possessions, self-esteem, appearance, creativity) but the energy will be about dissolving pain and moving on. Fabulous aspect if you've been nursing a grudge or feeling rejected.

You can attract healing/inspirational situations during this transit based on the area of your chart occupied by Pisces. If you have planets in Pisces this transit will be especially potent.