Horoscopes for February 19th to February 26th


February 21st gives us a potent New Moon in Pisces. The buildup of energy that started with Neptune, Mercury and the Sun in Pisces will peak with this New Moon. Think of it as a match that lights the fire of dreams. Possibilities are endless with this one because the boundaries are flexible. This also means it's so important to move forward with the highest intentions for yourself and others.


This illuminating New Moon will expose what's hidden. Whether this is something you're unaware of or something you've been keeping under wraps, you may have already had a taste of these revelations on Feb 13th (when Mercury passed over Neptune) and Feb 19th (when the Sun passed over Neptune). You'll now have to trust in what's not obvious.


The catalyst New Moon pushes you into fresh group involvements and introductions. Your social circle may shift in surprising ways as you encounter others that broaden your horizons. It's time to make room in your life for what's "impractical" but, ultimately, has more meaning. This can also be a potent beginning for realizing your hopes and dreams via opportunities that seem to materialize out of nowhere.


The New Moon illuminates a new career opportunity or path. If you've been feeling dissatisfied with your current career structure, know that things are already shifting. Hidden opportunities will be revealed or you might be ready to acknowledge that it's time for a change. The themes will be future goals that satisfy more than material security and status.


The exciting New Moon in your sector of opportunities can open up some magical possibilities involving long distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters. Something (or someone) new could cross your path and it will feel like a date with destiny. Know that this is all part of Neptune's strengthening influence; over the next few years your horizons will expand in ways you never imagined. You may end up far from where you are right now but it will be a place where you truly belong.


The intense New Moon is a catalyst for events that ask for your surrender. If this make you nervous, know that things will unfold regardless of what you do so you might as well get out of the way. Issues will involve control, boundaries, and the sharing of emotional or financial resources. Letting someone in or allowing yourself to let go of deeply buried suspicions is the best way to handle this journey.


This relationship focused New Moon can open up your understanding of a partnership (new or established). Revelations could feel overwhelming as your sensitivity is increased. Rather than worrying or analyzing, try to go with the moment and accept what is being revealed.  This is part of Neptune's larger transformative journey involving your relationships to others and your changing ideas of what makes you happy in a partnership.


The New Moon opens up new routines, health regimes and/or workplace situations. A new attitude towards your daily life is beckoning and all you have to do is allow things to develop. Watch for opportunities to exercise your creativity and/or embrace what you believe in but can't necessarily see.  This is the optimum time to start a kinder, gentler diet and exercise routine. Benefits will go far beyond the physical.


This magical New Moon will open up a new chapter of romance, creativity and confidence. You can go far with this energy if you consider options that previously seemed too good to be true. Watch for new romance with a fated quality, inspired creative ideas/opportunities and the chance to shine on stage or socially.


A nostalgic New Moon, full of emotion, will light up your sector of home and family. You'll be prompted to start fresh in situations close to your heart but it will be easy to get lost in what ifs and regrets. Know that forward is the only way to go. If you feel like cocooning or retreating, make sure you're not wallowing. Make the best use of this energy by spring cleaning your home environment and discarding negative memorabilia.


You can convince anyone of almost anything under this New Moon. Instinctively knowing what others want to hear combined with a talent for spinning information will give you charm. Use it wisely. Alternatively, watch for messages/conversations that promise much. There will be core of truth to what you hear or read but everything may not be delivered in the end.


A fruitful New Moon brings new financial and emotional opportunities. Your security will increase as will your earning potential. These changes will involve ways to make yourself happy that bear little resemblance to what worked in the past. Letting go of old needs and expectations will be key.


The New Moon in your sign is a catalyst. You've been feeling the buildup of energy with Neptune, Mercury and the Sun but now you'll be able to take full advantage. Beginnings/opportunities will be major and will indicate a whole new lifestyle/attitude/direction. Watch for the "click" as everything falls into place.