Horoscopes for February 26th to March 4th


Mercury moves into Aries on March 2nd, shifting thoughts, information and communication into overdrive. The influence of Uranus in Aries will be felt (although the two won't meet until March 5th); this means accelerated ideas and split-second revelations. On March 3rd, the Sun in Pisces will oppose Mars retrograde in Virgo. Correcting, refining and re-considering will be challenged by the Piscean energy of letting go.



Mercury enters your sign and feels the electric influence of Uranus. Ideas will come at you, fast and furious, but so will challenges and arguments. Keeping your cool will be difficult because you'll be convinced that you know best.  Honor your inspiration and innovation but remember that others have valid ideas as well. The Sun's opposition to Mars retrograde (your ruler)can have you looking beneath the surface for something elusive. Exploring the unknown can be enlightening but watch that you don't fritter away your energy by chasing illusions.


Mercury gets you thinking about what's hidden while Uranus's energy promises to reveal more than you expected. Pay attention to flashes of insight and hunches. Whether you're looking for information or trying to keep a secret, much will be exposed on March 5th when Mercury and Uranus meet. The Sun and Mars retrograde pit your personal ambitions against the group. As you revisit a creative project or desired goal, pay attention to the reactions of others. Consider where you want to go and if this direction fits in with your social circle. Does it matter?


Mercury (your ruler) starts a buzz in your social circle and Uranus adds a touch of the unpredictable. Get ready for anything and everything: surprising new introductions, information that blows you away, conflicts that come out of nowhere and vanish just as quickly. This is the time to be light on your feet and unattached to outcomes.  Sometimes "right now" is all you need.  The Sun and Mars retrograde stir up conflict between domestic responsibilities and career goals. As you revisit a family issue you'll be confronted with how your desire to move forward conflicts with service to those closest to you.


Mercury and Uranus set your career sector on fire. This is the moment to meet with higher ups, send out resumes and inquire about opportunities. Your ideas will be inspired and will grab the attention of others so email it, say it, blog about it; whatever it takes to expose your ideas to the light of day. Also, be prepared for unexpected offers/opportunities. Synchronicity is your friend here. The Sun and Mars retrograde find you rehashing old doubts while new opportunities beckon. If you find yourself slipping back into worry mode, remind yourself that you've been down this road before. Wouldn't it be nice to move in a new direction?


Mercury's entrance into your opportunities sector can open up new and exciting pathways. As Uranus adds "blink and you'll miss it" developments, know that you can go far but you must be prepared to jump the minute you discover something new. Developments could include long distance travel, publishing, legal matters or education. Alternatively, this is the perfect time for your words to reach a wider audience and have a stronger than expected impact. Speak/write carefully. The Sun (your ruler) has been triggering your awareness of shared resources, boundaries and intimacy.  As it forms an opposition to Mars retrograde you could experience a tug of war between exaggerated security needs and giving up control to someone else. Issues involving debts or sloppy budgets can come back to haunt you now.


Mercury (your ruler) heads into your sector of shared resources and stirs up your need for independence. Uranus's influence adds a restless/confrontational edge to your ideas as you feel compelled to break free, push forward or change things once and for all. Alternatively, messages from others can feel threatening or jarring. In all cases, take a step back and realize that instinctive programs are being triggered. You have a chance to break some cycles if you can fight the urge to react without thinking. The Sun and Mars retrograde find you reconsidering your needs/desires versus the goals of your partner (or your partnership goals).


Relationship discussions/information can be jarring as Mercury and Uranus keep things hopping in your partnership sector. Arguments and revelations can expose much more than you're prepared for. Make sure you truly want to know the answer before you ask the question. Alternatively, watch for a message or introduction to open up yet another relationship possibility that you hadn't considered. Keeping your daily routine (health and/or work) running smoothly may be a challenge as the Sun and Mars retrograde reach a stand-off. Subconscious/hidden developments can prevent you from moving forward until they're dealt with.


Mercury and Uranus keep your day-to-day routine charged with energy. Work/obligations can be insanely busy with unexpected developments but fortunately you have the drive and inspiration to cope. Make sure you carve out some time for yourself as stress related burnout is a risk. The Sun and Mars retrograde find you moving forward with your own agenda while others may throw up interference. Friends/associates from the past or a re-hash of group conflicts threaten to throw you off track. Stay centered and keep your eye on those newly emerging dreams.


It's your time to shine as Mercury and Uranus light up your sector of creativity and celebrations. Get ready for a lighter outlook, unexpected flirtations and creative inspiration. What you say is significant now because the right word or tone can open some exciting new doors. Don't over-think, just express yourself. Mars retrograde finds you re-considering career details. Are you truly where you want to be? The Sun's opposition from your home and family sector asks you to consider domestic happiness and fulfillment.


Watch for domestic disputes and/or sudden information as Mercury and Uranus stir things up at home. New information regarding a home business, relocating or shifts in responsibility can be jarring. At the same time, you'll experience a rush of new ideas and the drive to deal with this. The Sun and Mars retrograde force you to reconsider a new opportunity. You may triple-checking this new direction or development to make sure it's real. Keep your eyes open but don't write someone/something off just yet.


This can be one of your most inspired times as Mercury and Uranus (your ruler) fire up your communications sector. This is a fantastic influence for writing, studying and making an impact with your words. Your mind is sharp but watch how you express yourself; knee-jerk responses are a danger with this influence and others may react more strongly than expected. Alternatively, watch for surprising messages or conversations; follow up and see where they lead. The Sun and Mars retrograde pull you into a power struggle involving unpaid debts, loans or intimacy issues. Consider how your unconscious reactions/habits in the past have led you to this moment. Is it time for a change?


Mercury and Uranus give you the courage to say what you really want. It's all about your needs now and this is not a bad thing. You may find yourself on the defensive as others challenge you but you'll be able to set them straight with a few choice words. Alternatively, watch for unexpected opportunities to boost your income with freelance work or side-projects. Mars retrograde finds you reassessing your relationship needs. An existing partnership or someone from the past could challenge your current goals/self-image. Don't settle for second-best; you want someone who fully supports  your new journey.